Production-Transport Char Sold 7.4 Bill

I’m up for Auction

I have 9.5m SP. Mostly geared towards Industry jobs, but still a solid foundation to build upon.

2018 Char Currently in NPC Corp.
Proper Name & Surname.
Cute Avatar…


PW - Linux

Positive Wallet
0.0 - Sec Status
No Killrights / Never Been Killed - Never Podded / Never Killed Anyone.
All +5 Implants Installed
Never used a Remap all available
Located: Amarr 1.0 in High Sec

Can fly Gallente Transports with Cov op Cloak

All standard CCP rules apply. I will pay for transfer.
This char will get ISK.

Starting Bid: 1 Bill
Buyout : 7.5 Bill

Transfer will be done via Debit Card

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4 bil




Bump. So close to the hidden reserve

Bumps first 7.5 Bill gets me


7 bil

Laxor 7.5 Bill and I’ll transfer ASAP

It has been sold?


i can‘t read your skillboard

right click on skillboard link

pw is

LINUX with a Capital L

I don’t know why I can‘t open it,Both Linux and LINUX I have tied,can you cancel pw


ok,I’m a rookie,I want a character who can use VNI for making money,I don‘t if this one can do this。by the way,what’s the price

the asking price is in the mail post and subject line

Anyways Back to Business first offer of 7.5 Bil gets me, Im going to bed now hopefully ill get a new owner in the morning

7.2 bil

sent isk and mail.