Production-Transport Char Sold 7.4 Bill

(Kathryn Ghekon) #1

I’m up for Auction

I have 9.5m SP. Mostly geared towards Industry jobs, but still a solid foundation to build upon.

2018 Char Currently in NPC Corp.
Proper Name & Surname.
Cute Avatar…


PW - Linux

Positive Wallet
0.0 - Sec Status
No Killrights / Never Been Killed - Never Podded / Never Killed Anyone.
All +5 Implants Installed
Never used a Remap all available
Located: Amarr 1.0 in High Sec

Can fly Gallente Transports with Cov op Cloak

All standard CCP rules apply. I will pay for transfer.
This char will get ISK.

Starting Bid: 1 Bill
Buyout : 7.5 Bill

Transfer will be done via Debit Card

WTB Production toon
(Vulgus Carovigra) #2

4 bil

(Kathryn Ghekon) #3


(First Commander) #4


(Kathryn Ghekon) #5


(Kathryn Ghekon) #6

Bump. So close to the hidden reserve

(Kathryn Ghekon) #7

Bumps first 7.5 Bill gets me

(Kathryn Ghekon) #8


(Laxor) #9

7 bil

(Kathryn Ghekon) #10

Laxor 7.5 Bill and I’ll transfer ASAP

(Scarletphoenixs) #11

It has been sold?

(Kathryn Ghekon) #12


(Scarletphoenixs) #13

i can‘t read your skillboard

(Kathryn Ghekon) #14

right click on skillboard link

pw is

LINUX with a Capital L

(Scarletphoenixs) #15

I don’t know why I can‘t open it,Both Linux and LINUX I have tied,can you cancel pw

(Kathryn Ghekon) #16


(Scarletphoenixs) #17

ok,I’m a rookie,I want a character who can use VNI for making money,I don‘t if this one can do this。by the way,what’s the price

(Kathryn Ghekon) #18

the asking price is in the mail post and subject line

Anyways Back to Business first offer of 7.5 Bil gets me, Im going to bed now hopefully ill get a new owner in the morning

(Laxor) #19

7.2 bil

(Laxor) #20

sent isk and mail.