(Cai Shen) #1


This character can fly a transport ship, he has 9.43 (9.29 raw) Standings with Gallente as well as 8.74(8.43 raw) Standings with Minmatar. He has great trading skills as well as cybernetics 5 for sp farming!

Skillpoints: 11,613,478
7.5 million SP in Trade alone

  • Accounting 5
  • Broker Relations 5
  • Margin Trading 5
  • Tycoon 5
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Amarr Industrial 5
  • Connections 5
  • Diplomacy 5
  • Social 5


  • Improved Memory/Cybernatic Implants
  • Full set of Mid-Grade Nomads, including Omega, as well as Evasive Maneuvering EM-706

Remap: 1 bonus available now, regular one scheduled for December 24th

If I don’t like the price I wont sell, I’m perfectly happy keeping this character as a SP farmer

Feel free to make offers, I’ll run this till its apparent its not worth my time, or I find a bid I like

Thanks :slight_smile:

(TxivYawg1) #2

5 bil

(Cai Shen) #3

thanks for the bid, and if it were simple skills to be extracted that would be a good starting point at least

as I have standings as well I want it significantly higher, but either way thank you for the bid :slight_smile:

(Maizie Fields) #4

7 bil

(Cai Shen) #5

lookin for more

(Katy Chipri) #6

8 bill offer

(Cai Shen) #7

I really dont like the 5 letter minimum on these things… makes a simple “bump” impossible

(Cai Shen) #8

to the top

(Cai Shen) #9

come on guys this is worth more than 8… 10 at least

(Minsu Han) #10

8.5b b/o

(Cai Shen) #11

make it 10 and you have a deal :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cai Shen) #12

bump bump bump

WTB dodixie trader
(Cai Shen) #13

todays bump… I need higher than 8.5 but it is getting close to where Id let it go

If no takers soon I’ll just keep him and close out the auction

(Jack Caspian) #14

9b offer

(Cai Shen) #15

I’ll give it like 7 or 8 more hours and if no one bids higher its yours :slight_smile:

(Sliddhy Silf) #16

9.5b offer

(Jack Caspian) #17

10b offer

(Cai Shen) #18

I’m heading home now so If no one else bids its yours for 10b

Should take a lil under an hour

(Cai Shen) #19

Sold to Jack Caspian for 10b please send me an in game mail with what account to send it to as well as the ISK


(Jack Caspian) #20

ISK and Details sent!