What type of ship do you find hard to fit?

I can fly many ships including caps and blops…but when I try to fit a Myrmidom it seems to never work and always seems like a decent neut ship would just take it apart. Even if I do projectile turrets and duel rep etc., the fit never really sits right with me somehow. Are there any ships you have reservations flying and fitting or are simply uncomfortable with the fit and why, despite being well skilled to fit them? Any remedies from ‘old hand’ folks would be cool to hear about.


Navy geddon. Other than afk pos bashing, it seems utterly useless and struggles to fit anything resembling a good fit.

For the myrm single cap booster is normally sufficent for dual rep. You go dual cap booster for triple rep. If you really want neut resist, go with cap battery+cap booster on dual rep.

Active tank ships are always sketchy against neuts, that is their weakness.

Anything Gallente.

Try one fit, run out of cpu, try another run out of pg …

Shields … I … I think its the smell.
Doesn’t feel right,


Corax, everything fits, but it still doesnt seem to do anything useful.


For me it would be 3 ships that are a pain to fit…

The Stabber… The base Stabber. You can either go full AC, but not the big autocannons but the smaller ones. Or you can go smaller arty. Then you run out of room for shield tank, or armor tank… it isnt quite fast enough to speed tank… The Navy Stabber is just BETTER…

Then the Talwar. I love it, but there is really ONE fit for it, and not much else.

Finally the Probe… So many options, it is the jack-of-all trades, and master of none. It does exploration well, but you can setup a Herron to do it just as well, or get a Astero. Or you can set it up as a site runner, but then you could just use a Breacher, or some other T1 frigate that can do it JUST as well or better. Or you can set it up to run cargo through camps… again, there are better ships for that as well. Its major problem is there are SOOO many options.

everything, im ■■■■

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Any ship with only 2 medium slots .-.

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The Mackinaw



You are not alone .
Check out the command desies, not for boosting though, for murder, and not feeling like a Muppet at the fitting screen.

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