What was the desired goal of scramming rats and more worm hole connections?

I wish we could get some fresh lore. I never would have played this game, except for all the fiction they used to produce. Now it seems to be much less.


It’s my opinion that retcons are the work of the devil, and I’m agnostic!

God, yes. The game’s lore and storyline fascinated me from the start, and I only wish the devs still did major events like back in the earlier days, even though I know they have good reasons for avoiding that.

Pirates are not capsuleers. There is not only one person flying their ships.

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This fails to take in to consideration that cloning technology is literally everywhere in the galaxy. You don’t think capsuleers are the only ones who use it, do you? We may be the only ones able to transfer our essence in to a new body, but anyone could have a clone made for relatively cheaply. Mass printing yourself a work force is probably fairly economical 30,000 years in to the future.

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capsuleers have a crew too. But you’re right, there are several people in a ship - all of which don’t die when a ship actually explodes.

This would be totally ineffective wrt the pandemic issues.

And how do all these clones know how to do their assigned job? Cloning someone’s body doesn’t copy their mind along with it.

This is EVE, not G I Joe. People aren’t waiting by escape pods to jump out at the last moment. Hate to burst your bubble, but when something gets volleyed off the field it’s a pretty safe bet few if any made it out alive. It’s easy for capsuleers, they’re already in their pods.

30,000 years of technological advancement and you think the flu is still a big deal? Can jump across the galaxy in under an hour moving faster than light, still struggling with the common cold.

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Apparently, it does for capsuleers.

That’s due to the transneural burning scanner, which is in otherwise limited use. I’ll have to look up more information on EvE cloning technology to be certain, but there’s no indication that mass cloning of the expert crew needed to operate a Titan takes place anywhere in New Eden with the possible exception of Sansha’s Nation.


Well that’s because you have no knowledge on biology.
Our bodies NEED virus, bacterias. Typically virus are ± 5% of our DNA, while there is more bacteria for a human body than its own cells.

Bacterias are evolving at a accrued rate compared to men, and if there is a mutation that appears and give the bacteria an advantage in terms of reproduction, to the cost of it’s host’s health, the bacteria will evolve that way.

So yes, a population of clones would be annihilated by a simple cold. And by the definition of clones, you can’t do anything against it, and if you could prevent the bacterias and virus from evolving in the first place, you would kill the clones too (yes, mutation of a bacteria population is mandatory to allow it to be fit to the system it is in).

The only fertilizer is manure and the best wheels are made out of wood. Technology can’t fix anything.

How are the best wheels made of wood?

In a time before technology, we could never have overcome diseases. Or moved beyond wooden wheels. It was a reference to the post above it.

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Manure is a really good fertilizer though, you were correct on that. :wink:

The cow does not actually add any nutrients. If you just composted all that grass it would be even better.


You do have a keen mind, O7

That one is true. Actually before or after technology. Diseases is a part of living. It takes more time to find a cure, than it takes time for a disease to evolve or a new one to appear.

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