What was your first t2 ship you ever trained in EVE?


Logistics Cruisers. There were no viable T1 variants at the time so T2 was the only way to do it.

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Prowler as I was doing a lot of hauling in and out of low sec at the time.

I remember now. It was interceptors of all things. Everyone was so worried about being top damage, but the targets were starting to get away. You cant kill what you cant catch!


Bomber was my first t2 ship trained.

My first T2 ship I trained to use was the Cheetah Covert Ops Frigate for exploration. I used that for a little while but really needed an exploration ship that could still cloak and do combat as well. So I then trained Rapier Force Recon Cruiser and used that for quite a long time as my exploration ship.

Black Ops battleship for me until I realised I needed a blops cyno alt, sigh, sometimes you just cannot train stupid. Second ship was a blockade runner (Prowler) a ship I could use lmao.

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Wolf pvp battle in M-OEE8 2019-07-14 10:13

A couple years after starting Eve.

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Flycatcher, because I wanted a light missile destroyer and the Corax didn’t exist yet. Still my favorite ship.

Guess it was the Stiletto.


I was dithering and researching on whether to use a Mackinaw or Skiff, but while I was pondering it and not paying the best attention to my screen… I lost my Retreiver.

Decision made for me :slight_smile:

–Gadget Reflects


the first tier 2 probably paladin
i trained for batleships first
amarr t2 kinda suck
in the old times more

Zealot was impressive in the old times .
Guardian was the only RR armor choice.
Absolution had a monster of a tank (with the old 5% resist bonus) and pumped very good DPS.
As for battleships Abaddon , Apoc and Geddon ( was a laser platform with RoF bonus ) were an impressive force , specially the old Geddon.
All of these type of fleets were very common.

zealot had 0 drones
now is kinda better

as i said i trained battleship first
those are all t1
the old invincible amarr apoca doctrine :smiley:

From a fleet perspective it wasn’t an impediment .

dont want to antagonize you, rly
anything that have good range and a bunch of idiots can use is not a impediment for fleet use :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is why I take the nano ONI over Zealot any day, for any kind of solo / small gang endeavour . Zealot just doesn’t fit that role well , it still lacks the speed and fitting room.