What was your first t2 ship you ever trained in EVE?


For me my first t2 ship i got was a t2 hauler. The Crane and Bustard best train ever I use both ships to this day.


I went the “other” direction and would have to say it was a cruiser. Fun times wd’ing the null blocks.

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It was a Paladin for me.

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I think it was a Hound. I did not do much with it but it was a nice intro to covert cloaks.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Damm! That was a long haul. You must have maxed out some others to get there?

Same the crane got me into more cloaky ships. I eventually tried out the tengu but it wasn’t for me. I like a ship that’s awesome at 1-2 things rather a ship that’s “meh” at everything.

Cerberus. I started the game when the Drake era started to emerge . I already had the t2 heavy missiles and t2 shield tank , then Apocrypha hit the server and I trained caldari cruiser 5 to get the Tengu . Along with that , I unlocked Cerberus also … Eagle too , but did not had the weapon system for it trained.

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First T2 ships I ever unlocked were Caldari T2 cruisers, but the first T2 ship I ever flew I think was Hecate (its T3 but whatever)

Must have been the Hawk in my case according to zKill.

Vengeance, which I lovingly called Black Sunshine.

I had such good times with it back before crimewatch changes and can flipping with aggression to only the corp or individual still existed.

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The buzzard and the manticore.

The manticore really kickstarted my career as an explorer hunter (the astero didn’t yet exist back then.)

An Impel - the Amarrian Deep Space Transport (gold brick with a large hold).

I was doing my manufacturing in Eram (T2 modules and stuff) while sourcing and selling in Hek (three jumps). I grew to the point where I was needing a larger capacity hauler and something that was a better bet for more expensive cargo.

When I moved down to Amarr I liquidated what I could, put a Frog order in for some and loaded my Impel for the trip. Amarr is home now, but I remember Eram with fondness.

Impels are probably the most common T2 ship I still regularly fly - I’m a manufacturer at heart. That and a travel fitted interceptor for moving things like datacores and BPCs around for invention runs.

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Pilgrim / Curse

It was back in the days when Nosferatus on any ship could still leach cap from targets regardless of your own capacitor and the target´s capacitor levels. Also sensor dampeners were very effective on a curse back then.

Anchor Bubble → Wait for target → lock targets → orbit outside of locking range (because of dampeners) + leach all the capacitor → “Yarrrr”

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A sleipnir.

I remember grinding up isk in my hurricane fleet issue, looking at a command ship, and thinking “someday.” Of course, I rapidly figured out that battleships and level 4 missions have much better isk/hr, but after I got my battleship skills in order I swung back around and got a command ship I don’t need.


It was Gallente but I can’t recall if it was assault frigate or covert ops

Damnation then Redeemer.

Anathema (amarr covops), which opened up the game more for me, then the Purifier (and still love both)

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mine would be covert ops (helios). i used the money from exploration to buy more sp and train for other ships

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