What will be the fate of the individual known as “ Tyrannos Polemos” who is leader of the Drifters

If CONCORD successfully captures the entity known as “ Tyrannos Polemos,” who is leader of the Drifters, what will be their fate in the former’s custody (CONCORD)?

100 years in CONCORDs infomorph detention facility.
50 years hard labour in the meme mines of Ourapheh.
10 years of having to handle all the “wrongful destruction of ship” appeals that capsuleers make against CONCORD enforcement actions.
Or 1 year having to moderate the IGS.

Any one of these dire punishments would be likely.

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If CONCORD successfully captures (hah) any ‘Tyrannos’ infomorph’s shell, what makes you think the results will be any different than the last time they had one? A drifter fleet showed up, CONCORD got pointedly told ‘give us the corpse, or we turn your super-indestructible-we-built-it-to-withstand-fleets-of-capital-ships space station into random atoms without breaking a sweat’, and CONCORD backed the hell down.

Do you think the Drifters will be less irritable about a live capture?

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Wait. Remind me of this one?

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I believe that would be related to this SCOPE News report


That’s probably the one.

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It’s hard to imagine that a Drifter could be properly “captured”, so to say; from all we can find, it seems not-implausible that individual Drifters may operate as multiple instances of a base infomorph – imagine, say, a clone soldier being printed to many individual bodies at the same time, with all new info or knowledge gained by a given print being returned to the base data upon death to be included in future generations (somehow without wrecking their psyche).

If the Drifters are anything like this, I’d wager any such capture would be ultimately irrelevant, just as it should be only an inconvenience if a capsuleer were to be somehow “captured”, owing to the existence of infomorph backups (unless you happen to be the late Hilen Tukoss, whose final disappearance remains a source of great concern and vexation to me).


The ‘autopsy’, yes.

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Plenty of cloned people and personnel have “been disappeared” over the years. I’d not get over-confident.

What interests me though is why should CONCORD try and capture a live Drifter? It is not like they have been a significant threat to CONCORD constituents for quite some time now.


Knowing CONCORD’s Modus Operandi and… experience… in dealing with criminal elements, he will be released with 15 minutes of criminal timer.

Well, the specifics of the Vigilant Tyrannos activities and intentions remain unclear, and they’ve already straight-up assassinated one head of state. This was years ago of course, but it’s not like they’ve become less secretive or explained themselves or anything. Capturing one might be a method of trying to establish communications.

That likely creates a whole pile of problems, though. Triglavian tech we can understand at least to the levels needed to manufacture it, but the Collective has historically walked through CONCORD cyber-security like it wasn’t there. We still don’t even know what a Drifter element is, much less what they do, so bringing a live Drifter onto a station could easily mean accidentally appointing a new head administrator.


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