What would be a good low/null sec exploration ship

what would be a good one for relic or data sites not sure on which though.

For an alpha character - any of the four T1 explo frigates with a bonus toward scanning, Heron, etc.

For Omega character who can cloak - any of the four Covert Ops, Anathema, etc. they do require higher skill levels and thus more of a commitment.

Oald Mann gives great advice. As much as CCP likes to advertise it, I advise newer folks away from an Astero. It is an expensive lossmail waiting to happen.

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so no startios got it

This game requires a little resourcefulness and initiative to succeed. You’ve been posting a lot of threads here in General Discussion, all with questions that can easily be answered in a few minutes with:

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Heron all the way.

If not that, the probe. Both very good ships, and fitted right they can be quite combat proficient as well.

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