What would happen If

What would happen if the trigvalgen were to take over a major trade hub? would the asset be moved in a last-ditch effort to keep the market alive or would people stay there and make the first trig major trade hub

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I’m not sure how to answer that without using deprecating terms like “carebear” and “risk averse.”


Back during the Trig Invasion, Trigs actually attacked Rens Trade System. Wasn’t expected but a lot of the players in system all rallied together and kicked those 3 faced freaks out…

Would this just be managed similar to minor trig victory systems?

Just need to run straight to a station and dock or get some neutral standings with trigs to navigate around?

It would be fun and interesting, but the pragmatic answer is likely that CCP wouldn’t allow this to happen in order to avoid a community (read: carebear) rebellion on their hands.

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I invite them back to Uedama

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