What would you do in case of progression reset?

As recently demonstrated by PA in case of wiping all progression of russian players:

Unthinkable can happen.

What would you do in case of similar situation with EVE online? Like maybe EVE 2 comes out and there is no progression transfer from previous game, but EVE 1 needs to be closed?

Would you play EVE 2, buying all the SKINS, all clothes, PLEX for skill injectors?

Would you rather stop playing EVE at all?

As much as I like EVE, I’m not ever going to play another game where it takes multiple years to get all the skills. If I could carry over my PLEX stash I would continue playing for another couple of years, but otherwise: No.

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buy 2 chainsaws so i can have one in each hand


if ccp suddenly wiped my ten years of skill training what would i do?

play something else.

It looks like its so easy to say such things now, but what about some deeper thoughs? Wouldnt you feel like something is missing when you stop playing?
What about the spaceships, the world, the fun of flying in fleet with others, all the novelty that could happen, progression is not everything. Stuff can be regained. Fun can be had.

What about nostalgia when you remember how it was to play before? When it hits, rehooked again? :thinking:

It would be a pretty good reason to quit.

What is this post even about? I have Characters from EVE Genesis 2003. While I quit being a capsuleer, Project Nova is right around the bend and I intend to be fully engaged in that. Considering that my DUST 514 mains are registered. The EVE universe isn’t going anywhere.

I would drop 39 accounts and play one account as an alpha, probably in FW low sec. Most of the ships I currently fly are alpha capable anyway and quite honestly low sec is where the fun is found.

I expect half or more of the population would quit, but it would be interesting to see how many players would be foolish enough to buy back what they “lost”.

One thing is for certain, a reset of the servers would definitely free up a lot of my time!

I would be pissed off but if EVE 2 would get good reviews or would be possible to play as Alpha I would give it a try

Probably earn most of my ISK the same way I do now, by stealing stuff in Jita with my thief alt (or at the equivalent market hub that surfaces after the reset), while on my main do everything EVE has to offer and in the mood and have the time to do… just like now. I guess I would also run the blueprint giveaways just as now, but after a reset the blueprints would be even more useful to those who receive them so the endeavor would be even more efficient that way. Won’t change much for me personally, I think. :thinking:

then you already know it sucks

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Frommy own experience, boredom and same-old-same smash nsotalgia to a pulp fairly easily. Also bitterness for all the things lost and what never came to be.

So what if everything EVE was wiped out? Well, I think I wouldn’t lose any RL money with it (unlike what happened with the little credits I sitll had at Battlefield Heroes) and as far as my girls go… I would miss to see them at the login screen, but only a fraction of what I miss to see them walking in the CQ. I would keep all my images and probably most of the stories still are written somewhere in my HDD. I’ve lost so much with EVE that actually losing it forever would be just a fraction of the pain behind.

When most of your EVE are memories of past gone and bitterness on lost future, it matters less whether EVE is alive or dead.

My EVE certainly is dead, and CCP killed it.

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