What would you have done different if you started the game now with the knowledge you currently have?

I would utilize the three character slots on my account from the start.

Hang more into frigates and destroyers before rushing to cruisers and battleships, which i could not really use anyway.

I would actually give highsec missions a try on a trading alt.

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Like smoking, not started.


If I started now, I wouldn’t have pretended to be a cute anime girl in all of those corporations I’ve been in. Some of the things I’ve done for ISK still haunt me to this very day.

Aside from that, I wouldn’t change anything. My EVE experience has been pretty much perfect since I started.

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Wouldn’t have spent my free sp until my character’s sp reached 5mil.
Wouldn’t have bought PLEX, even if it was only a €20 purchase.
Wouldn’t have bought Tech 1 hybrid antimatter ammo blueprint had I known about and realised that Javelin ammo is far superior. But since I can’t find a blueprint for those I don’t feel so bad about it.
Wouldn’t have wasted isk buying modules for that Venture I never use.
And last but not least, Wouldn’t have gotten into a fight with an Orca in hisec with 6 T2 200mm hybrid weapons in my cargo hold! lmao… I forgot I was on my way back from picking them up. Have to watch that impulsive character of mine.

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Change my name from Mr Epeen to Mystery Peen.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yeah, you need an Iridium blueprint for that. Invention will turn it into a Javelin blueprint.

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If I were to start over I would limit myself to three accounts.
Be more selective with my skill training.
Skip mining and PI.
Get into PvP earlier.

PVP much sooner! I would have also just played the game however way I like, there’s so much overlap with many skills no matter what you get into. I fell into this trap of waiting for skills to get high enough to try stuff, and it’s not necessary

Let me guess, to get Iridium blueprint I need Adamentium and to get Adamentium I need Unobtainium but you can only get that out of a Javelin blueprint that’s been thrice copied and twice researched only in a NPC station in Nullsec with at least three Sisters Of EVE in it and one Oh Brother Where Are Thou…
I get the picture.

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i would have crabed for 10 years and quitted with 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 isk

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No, you don’t. You really don’t.

On the off chance this wasn’t an attempt at humor, I’ll tell you what you need to do.

  1. Open market tab.
  2. Purchase BP
  3. Buy data cores.
  4. Open industry tab and make BPCs
  5. Invent using the BPC and the data cores.
  6. Collect T2 BPC
  7. Build your missiles.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

No, you’re just being obtuse on purpose. You’re literally complaining that the game’s industrial aspect has actual manufacturing processes.

What would you prefer? Looking up an item table, entering a keypad combination, and having the thing you want magically appear in your inventory instead?

Yes. That would be nice :smiley:

They love to complain.

I would never use skill extractors again they are terrible.

“O I don’t actually use this skill let me trim my character down and put the sp somewhere useful.”

Plan from fresh:
Use the invite program to get the 1mil free sp, used multi char training (3 months per alt) for 1 scanny same account alt 1 market same account alt train accounting/broker +add to 5

Train main into a kestrel and run t0 abyss while training social skill to 5 and some other social skills to 3.
Then with the money buy the cheap tag’s for data centers for both mini+gal and hand them in for standings buy a hookbil to run the sisters of eve epic arc get close to 5.0 standing with gallente.
Train missile + a few support skills to 3.
Start running lvl 4 anomic’s with a 2mil sp char and a cheap hookbil and make billions all within 2 weeks of starting.

Then join fw and have a blast.

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That’s a good question. Probably not be a forum troll.

In all honesty, I did get a kind of redo. I started eve back in 2008 and played for a couple of years. I loved the dangerous aspect of the game knowing that even highsec wasn’t exactly safe. But I was also terrified of doing pvp. I would hide during wardecs and secretly wished I could be like those folks outside doing the clubbing. I went into lowsec a few times and got my hiney handed to me.

Then life started ramping up and I had stop playing.

Fast forward to 2018. I was playing Elite Dangerous and met a gal who did the pirate thing in that game, and was also a roleplayer. We ran together for a while doing piratey things, and running anarchy BGS in a couple of systems but she got bored with the lack of player interactions in that game. (Yes, we played in open). We left and I went onto Destiny 2 for a while. Then I got a message out of the blue from her, and she invited me back into eve, where she revealed that she was a down right hoolagin in this game prior to her ED days and she took me under her wing.

She tught me how to pvp, run in low sec, do high sec shenanigans, ninja salvage, bait players, suicide gank. We had a scrap n’ blap corp we used as a base for roleplay as we roleplayed environmental terrorist activists. It was a lot of fun, and I began to live out that dream I had back in 2008.

To this day, EvE remains quite possibly the most dynamic, most interesting, most brutal, but most rewarding mmo I have ever played, and I am glad I came back. And I’m glad that this time, I take risks and play the antagonist.


Never answered this message from the future



I would not have shot from the hip a comment at that bodyguard’s avatar profile picture that day, all of the rest I do not really regret.

Uninstalled after the 2 week free trial.


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