Whatever became of

  1. Pleasure Hubs? I recall they were around once upon a time.
  2. Didn’t Eve once have an in game web browser? I would like one even if it’s just to connect to the forum.

1a. Not sure. I know that some missions have little structures called “Pleasure Hubs” and that there is the (infamous) mission “Damsel in Distress” where you have to blow one up.
I also have heard that the Gallente stations once had a dancing female hologram in them… but that was way, way, WAY back in the day.

2a. At one point, yes. It was removed because the DEVs couldn’t stay on top of keeping it updated (and they had better things to do… like work on the actual game) and it lead to some (quite serious) security concerns.


I still miss the in-game browser, just for looking at images. It was easier than moving my eyes to the other screen where my out-of-game browser is.


Pleasure Hubs are one of those random buildings you’ll find floating in a mission space. Blowing them up usually nets you a stack of Exotic Dancers and/or Mercenaries.

And the In Game Browser went away b/c everyone has their own favorite browser to use, and other companies already maintain those. It’s easier to let you go use your own 3rd party browser rather than trying to maintain their own.

Adding to reasons the web browser was removed, it had become susceptible to some really bad risks for those using it, with a lot of vulnerabilities as it was based on a much older version of a popular browser.

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