What's the highest-level combat anomalies that can be reliably run by a T1 laser-fitted Praxis?

Exactly what it says in the title. What’s the highest-level combat anomalies that I can reliably run through in a Praxis? I’m going to be running anomalies mainly in Gallente space, so ideally I’d like suggestions for the Serpentis sites.

My fit is as follows:


High slots

  • Small Graviton smartbomb
  • 6x Dual Heavy Pulse Laser I, each loaded with a Multifrequency focusing crystal

Mid slots

  • 100MN Afterburner I
  • Large Hull Repairer I
  • Large Capacitor Booster I, loaded with Cap Battery 400
  • 2x Large Shield Extender I
  • EM Shield Amplifier I
  • Thermal Shield Amplifier I

Low slots

  • Large Armor Repairer I
  • 2x Heat Sink I
  • 2x Inertial Stabilizers I
  • 2x Shield Power relay I


  • 3x Large Core Defense Field Purger I


  • 4x Hobgoblin I
  • 4x Hammerhead I
  • Also have 1 extra Hobgoblin I, 1 extra Hammerhead I, and 5x Ogre I drones, although these are currently unusable.
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With that fitting? Maybe Hubs (not forsaken or forlorn, just the normal hubs). A buffer fitting cannot tank well and the hull repairer does not help you at all. You need a Shield Booster.

Or more Shield Extenders considering that you are trying the passive regen approach. You should also try to use Meta 1 modules wherever possible. They are much better than Meta 0 T1s. If you try the passive regen approach, you need to align your entire fitting to that end and cannot use other repair modules.

On that note: I still resent CCP for removing the meta levels from modules. This makes it so much harder to give good advice. Here I would have to technically tell you each individual good module name because there are also bad Meta 1 modules…

Another thing: If you rat in Serpentis space, you do not want to use Lasers. Serpentis ships have a rather high EM resistance. Hybrid weapons or missiles or projectile weapons with appropriate ammo are much better. If you want to use lasers, ratting and running missions in Amarr space is much better.



I’m not really experienced with the difference in difficulties between the combat anomalies so I cannot help you there.

I can however give you some helpful comments about your fit:

  • You use the T1 version of every module. If your skills allow to use a T2 version that’s usually better for only a slightly higher price.
  • In case you do not have the skills for T2, use meta modules, they’re better than T1 and often cheaper.
  • You’re using a hull repairer, those modules are rarely if ever worth using except very niche cases
  • You’re using a large armor repairer and a lot of shield modules on the same ship. I recommend you pick either active armour repairs (armour repairer + armour resists) or a passive or active shield tank, not a combination.
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Also if you’re doing any of your combat in high-sec, the Smartbomb has the potential to get you Concorded if any of a number of illegal targets happen to be in range.

Your scout drones are there to handle small/close/fast targets, I’d swap the smartbomb for something less risky.

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Gallente rats are weak to Kinetic/Thermal, so using hybrids instead of lasers may be preferrable.

As Gerard mentioned, stick to 1 type of tank. Armor may be the most suitable, as it’s easier to keep relatively cap stable and a bit less reliant on expensive modules.

You’ve gone with pulse lasers, which are short ranged lasers. Simulating various fits, I can’t make a pulse laser praxis fit that can tank well enough for the kind of sites you’d want without completely ruining the damage output and/or capacitor.

I’d recommend changing your approach to a sniping fit that’s much less reliant on skills and isk to succeed.

I’d recommend something similar to this fit, go T2 on everything you have skills for. When possible, for serpentis, swap the beam lasers to 425mm railguns (along with the heat sinks and range rigs for hybrid equivalents).

Navy ammo is worth the money. Carry a variety of ranges.

The micro jump drive is very useful, but if you can’t use it careful use of bookmarks can work as an alternative.

[Praxis, Praxis fit]

Mark I Compact Power Diagnostic System
Mark I Compact Power Diagnostic System
Damage Control II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Extruded Compact Heat Sink

100MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
F-12 Enduring Tracking Computer, Optimal Range Script
F-12 Enduring Tracking Computer, Optimal Range Script
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster, Targeting Range Script
Large Micro Jump Drive

Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Ultraviolet L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Ultraviolet L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Ultraviolet L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Ultraviolet L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Ultraviolet L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Ultraviolet L
[Empty High slot]

Large Energy Locus Coordinator I
Large Energy Locus Coordinator I
Large Ancillary Current Router I

Caldari Navy Warden x4

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As everybody else has said, don’t mix defensive tanks. Doing that will only get half of the strength compared to focusing on just one specific tank. As for which T1 Meta modules are the best to use, check the fitting tab for the ones with the lowest fitting requirements.

Since you already have the rig slots filled with shield regeneration rigs, I suggest fitting modules to boost your shield, resistance and weapon stats.

For Resistance, the Praxis already starts with equal stats on all damage types, basically Omni Resistance. I suggest fitting a Damage Control module (low slot) and a Multispectrum Shield Hardener (mid slot) to boost all the resistance stats. Personally I’d remove the EM and Thermal Shield Amplifier modules unless you’re fitting for a specific NPC damage type.

Battleships have hard time hitting small fast ships. A Tracking Computer (mid slot) filled with a Tracking script (brawling) or Range script (kiting) will help a lot as well as fitting Tracking Enhancer mods in the low slots.

Even if not needed, fitting a Power Diagnostic Unit module (low slot) helps a lot. It gives a bonus to powergrid output, shield capacity, shield recharge rate, capacitor capacity and capacitor recharge rate.

Since the Power Diagnostic Unit helps boost the Capacitor and removing the Hull and Armor Repairer modules that eat up Capacitor, you may not need the Capacitor Booster module. If the ship fit is not Capacitor stable, you can always add a Capacitor Battery (mid slot) or Capacitor Power Relays (low slot) so you won’t have to carry Capacitor Charges in the cargohold.

For weapons the Pulse Lasers use Capacitor power to fire. To help make the ship more Cap stable you could fit short range Projectile weapons. 6x Large Autocannons make short work of destroying med to large ship hulls. Fitting a Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher instead of the Smart Bomb will help Drones to quickly take down Frigates and Cruisers.



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