Looking for a Praxis fit for 5/10 s, 6/10 s mainly angel/serpentis

Hello there I am looking for an DED Praxis fit mainly Serpentis/Angel DEDs but don t mind to be flexible with Guristas too.

Thanks in advance for all the replys

Since Praxis have bonus to all weapon systems. It might be good idea to tell where you have most SP. Also, alpha or omega?

I am an Alpha clone training for missiles

so What would you suggest ?

Dual rep armor tank, rapid heavy missiles, a flight of drones in each size. Use the drone and missile type with the optimal damage flavor for the rats your planning to shoot. Use mostly fury missiles, with a few precision just in case you need them. Fit an afterburner for long trips between entry points and acceleration gates.

Okay thanks a lot for it and what would be the thing I d have to watch out the most or what s the weak spot of this strategy?

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