What's the meaning of this?

Are sleepers supposed to be friendly?


Sleepers joined the big blue doughnut… didn’t you get the memo?

in 2019 Eve online changes its name to Blue Online?

Check the patch notes to see if anything relevant is mentioned.

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Lancers use Drifter standing. So your drifter standing is obviously above 0 once your skills come into account.

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Drifter corps? :smiley:

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Everything belongs to a corp, it’s a limitation of the database engine for the game. That’s why you’re placed in an NPC corp when you leave player corps. When you delete a character from your account, it’s placed in the Doomheim corp. So yes, the Drifters are in a corp, even if you can’t see / show info on it, and so there are standings, even if you can’t see them.

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well have you tried shooting them?


The sleepers like you :+1:

The sleepers like your corpse too :skull:

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