Drifter Standing Lost on Operation: Conscious Interruption


(Urlos Rinah) #1

I got my standing lost to a Drifter corporation Vigilant Tyrannos, standing lost quite badly -1.2 every time as if i destroyed its structure. On a previous events all those standing issues was solved and no standing was wasted to a pulp on an event, but this time even on Bug Report I got this
“When shooting drifters it is expected to lose standings with them. Regards, ISD BH Astaris”
This is not OK!

(Urlos Rinah) #2

This is EVENT site, give me back my standing!

(Scaugh) #3


Any chance of getting this bug fixed.
The event is over but our standing losses remain.

(Madras Dawnkeeper) #4

I’m quite sure it’s not a bug. The new abysmal sites on SiSi also influence your standing towards the drifters and others.

(Jona Ambramotte) #5

So, out of context, kinda, but why do you want high standings with drifters? They have no agents

(Yozo Ellec0n) #6

You never made friends with the quiet kid “Just in case”?

(Jenne Wain) #7

The worry expressed by others is not so much gaining positive standing, but if the negative standing will cause any of the roaming fleets in k-space to now attack ships with negative standing unprovoked.

I haven’t heard of this happening, but that is where the concern comes from.

(system) #8

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