SOCT Event and Vigilant Tyrannos Standings@CCP

With the new SOCT event, your Vigilant Tyrannos Standings are dropping rappid, just wondering if this will cause the Lancers to attack you?


More than likely :], but at least they don’t hurt that much, you also seem to loose that standing from the Sisi instanced sites. But at the same time we are gaining rep with Tri whatsanamies.

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@CCP_Dragon is this standings loss intended? Noticing -1.2 for each cruiser kill in HS. I might break off if this is going to lead to Drifter insta-aggro in my random HS travels.


O even if you can run triglavion missions because of having high standings from shooting drifters :?

At first I thought it was just cruisers, but even the ‘impeders’ are recorded as standings hits. One of my characters is -5 and dropping, so :frowning: . Drifters are especially damaging NPC’s, and they are sometimes seen everywhere there’s a Jove Observatory. It would not be fun to so easily get on their bad side.

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I’m at -6.41 (Diplomacy IV), so I don’t think they’re going to take a liking to me anytime soon. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Well that’s my point, if the Lancers do start KOS to all plays that have taken part in the event, Its going to piss a lot off people off


And cause even more players to leave.


I get -1.2 every 15 mins so after trying one site I was down to -2.77 :astonished:

Seems that with this event, as usual, things are kinda broken … 353 Standup LArge Festival Launchers anyone ? :joy:

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I gave up after collecting 1000 festival launchers…

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TBH i only done 2 sites, and with dip 5 are just above 0. Did not want to risk undocking in a Freighter just to get to blown up by Drifters

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I’ve found comments by drifter researcher @Makoto_Priano that say the drifter corp standings have no current effect.

This is simply the first time many players have found it possible to rack up drifter kills, the normal ones are much tougher and more violent in their ‘educational process,’ that discourages the average player.

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WTF? So if your standing falls far enough, Lancers will scram and pod people in high sec?

Well trolled, CCP. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been running around all afternoon and they haven’t bothere me, so I’m inclined to think there’s no adverse effect.

They shouldn’t because it’s a event.



Correct (currently)

I have been -10 to Drifters for months, the lancers don’t bother you unless you bother them.

I get more hassle from having a -.04 standing to Joint Harvesting. Undock from a station (not even one of theirs) and see a mining hauler … 5 seconds later there is a response fleet with scram / web / ew and logi sitting there.

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train diplomat to 5 the least you can be is -6 with it, that will sort out you JH also

Yeah done that, should have mentioned that number was after skills.

The only reason you’re not being attacked by the Drifters right now is because CCP hasn’t activated the new NPC Faction Standing mechanic on them yet.

I’m thinking it might be activated with the new expansion.