Solo'd Cassandra in a Jag

Ran into 5 Autothysian Lancers on a gate today… killed 4 of them, and then cassandra showed her pale azz up on site scene and woooopped my azz into podzville so I got into another jaguar and returned to anihilate her in like 5 minutes… bye felicia

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I know its fun and all, killing Lancers. But it becomes a problem if you are in a Fleet , heading towards a nice juicy kill, via a Drifter WH, and you get focused/killed before anyone else because of your low standing.

Won’t they try to hunt you down now? Or it’s only when you don’t kill all npc’s and escalation?

is there any way to rise standings with drifters?

Society of Conscious Thought and Jove Empire are also factions with no agents but they have positive standings to a few other factions making it possible to increase standings through derived standings.

i’d have to dig through United Standings Improvement Agency paperwork to see if I can find the derived standings for the jove.

from what I can see @The_BIack_AngeI , you’ll need to run missions and get storyline missions for SOE to get the most out of derived standings with Jove/SoCT

Not sure that will help for the Drifters. They are a separate faction from Jove, and currently ingame all other factions are 0.0 towards the Drifter. (except for Trigs and Edencom, which hate them… and who the Drifters hate back in return too)

Currently from experience if you get increased Edencom or Trig standings - the Drifter standings go down. So maybe the only way to increase Drifter standings, is to make Edencom or Trigs go down, which I have not tested.

for some reason i was thinking jove=drifters… well they kinda are.

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There are on off-shoot from the Jove empire (that broke away long ago… not sure what the right term would be) so you you are correct in a way :slight_smile:

The Drifters faction is similar to that of other NPC organizations such as the empire and pirate factions. By default, no capsuleer has standings with them. As soon as you kill Drifter ships, you will quickly gain negative standings (12% per battleship kill). Negative standings don’t seem to have any effect currently.

so thats a good thing that negative standings don’t have any impact, but upon further research…geo you ■■■■■■■ idiot…
The CONCORD Assembly and Drifters are two factions that do not have any agents in game making it impossible to directly improve standings.

how many times have i read that sentence and still not noticed time and time again its DRIFTERS… gah… as goose from tiktok/IG would say: I need supervised.

so no, @The_BIack_AngeI you cannot get positive standings with drifters, but negative standings don’t have any impact either.

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