Losing standing issue with amarr during event *reason found*

So, i’ve been running the event for hours now and i’ve finally figured out why we are losing standing while doing the event . Whenever you’re in a system with a lot of mission runners they’re doing missions that involve killing Amarr and getting standing losses. Now for some reason them running the missions and you being close enough due to the site spawning you near their mission you get standing losses. Hopefully CCP fixes this issue somehow or revert standings due to this bug.


Ok, note to self: If this is indeed the reason, then I did the right choice to stay in rookie areas and areas otherwise worthless to mission runners. I shall keep that in mind for future events. Good find.

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there are posts similar to mine and they’re usually in mission running territory (Bherdasopt, Simela, or Malma) so it just reinforces my theory

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If this is true … I hope you all filed bug reports and tickets. I never seen this happen before, even with me on grid with the mission runner.

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Definitely needs to be reported if it’s actually happening, there shouldn’t be any ‘Bleed Over’ to other characters even when on the same grid.

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