Amarr standing loss? (event-related?)

So I’ve been doing the event pockets for quite some time now, and I noticed that I’ve been loosing standing to Amarr faction. Before doing the event I’ve read that ships in event pocket are ok to kill no standing loss, no nothing. Then I thought that maybe the transport ship is the reason for my standing loss so I stopped killing them, but it didn’t stop, every now and then I keep getting standing loss notice. And those standing losses are actually in the systems I’m jumping back and forth, so they’re correct, but “the objects I destroyed” they don’t even spawn in the event pockets (I’ve been only doing event pockets for a few days now).
I’ve made some screenshots so that you can see:

(looks like the forum allows me to post only 1 picture (I’ve made plenty for you guys tho))

Can something be done about this? I don’t even understand why I keep loosing standings, I’ve done the SOE epic arc not so long ago, and went to amarr career missions just yesterday to save myself from getting surprise-killed by the amarr in their systems. All this to see another standing loss today, for the things I haven’t done.

I’m Amarr and I haven’t gotten any standing hits at all by the event.

You got hit for destroying a telescope, usually a part of a mission. May it be that you accidentally locked and killed other stuff in the sites beside the red ships? Having the asteroids and not the cans on overview doesn’t look healthy to me.

Is there a telescope in event poket? I don’t think so. I’ve been only running event pockets no mission running etc.
I’ve got another overwiev for cans and stuff. I’m absolutely sure I couldn’t have killed anything other than red ships lol.

Even this very moment i keep losing standing for doing the event. Is this how it’s supposed to work?
Some feedback from devs would be cool.

This should not be, would recommend opening a ticket with the screenshots. My standing to Amarr is untouched after running hours of sites.

Thank you for suggestion, will do so.

Just had the same issue. -2.4% standing hit for Amarr, but just doing the Event-Sites. Ship name doesn’t spawn in these sites.

Another player on this forum had the suspicion that it may be related with other players doing Security Missions against Amarr in the same system. Maybe it happens when you warp through a mission pocket of another player?

Then it would happen more frequently also outside the event … open tickets is all I can recommend.

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