What's this boy want with me?

Hey everyone, Princess Aiko here, hi, so like I notice CCP bring this boy up in here, and he been looking at me a straight minute now, and I think wow hey so like what he want, like he got a glass of Mindflood and skill inject for me, or what? He seems to like me a bit, or like I dunno but do u think I should go say hi?


He cute tho, yah, hi, I’m Aiko. Hey! Haha, yah, I’m doing ok, what up with you?

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It’s a trap! xD

You should buy his mining permit



…and his name is james

Whatever you do, please drive home carefully tonight, Aiko.

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Not a boy fffs… its CCP s fake leonardo di caprio… check this out !



Would be surprised if Aiko is not aware of that.


recently my mom recommended me “The Great Gatsby” … coincidence? I do not think so…

nailed to the line by the machine …

he’s hot i like him, tell him call me

I think Aiko has more important stuff to do than chasing clebrities and being lame teeny

Out of experience … i would strongly suggest to you to roll for a man someone like that.

He can understand and respect your ties to your clan and and your personal peaks…

Well, if we’re gonna talk about Aiko’s complicated relationships…

I’ll never get to use that again, probably…so had to try and work it in somehow.

I’m a space Catholic, marriages are for eternity.

Not with leonardo di caprio FFS ! He is a carebear!

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