What's Up With SiSi?

(Clandestiny) #1

It’s been down for 8½ hours…

What’s up?

(Julie Morano) #2

It is a test server, and therefore liable to come and go without notice, however, this may have some bearing…

(Clandestiny) #3

Thanks for the PSA but no need to point out that it’s a “Test Server”.

I think the name speaks for itself :kiss:

(Julie Morano) #4

I had thought so too.

(Jonny Copper) #5

Just to clarify, as this topic does come up regularly. You are not in any way entitled to use the test server. It is provided by CCP to help them find as many bugs as possible pre-release to TQ. If the server goes down whether it’s by choice or not, it’s solely up to CCP’s discretion as to if/when they put the server back up.

With that being said, the server went down on the weekend. CCP doesn’t typically work on the weekends, so you can expect the server to come back up when CCP gets back in the office on Monday.

(Clandestiny) #6

:scissors: ------------------------------ :scissors:

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

(CCP Goliath) #14

It went down at the weekend some time, probably just didn’t come back from its autostartup (usually we see this when the server takes so long to shut down properly, that it misses its own auto startup). Unless we have something burning to test, or someone happens to be in the office, Sisi tends to not get touched at the weekend.

EDIT: Incidentally, this is a pleasant forum, please conduct yourselves appropriately.

(Aeon Herzog) #15

We’re talking about the forum for the test server, right? Have you even seen 6-C local? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Clandestiny) #16

Well said Aeon…well said. :sparkling_heart:

(Clandestiny) #17

Thank you sir. :rose: :chocolate_bar:

(ISD Eshtir) #18

Did some cleaning in this thread. Play nice folks!