What's your golden rule for EvE

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Fighting for you stuff or rights is better than not fighting for your stuff or rights. You might even win.

(Fal Shepard) #22

What doesn’t kill you usually succeeds in the second attempt.

(Jedidiah Togenada) #23

It’s not always about the ISK. Sometimes you do stuff just for fun.

(ShahFluffers) #24
  1. It is just a game. Sure, you invest time and effort into it… but at the end of the day, everything is nothing more than pixels.

  2. You are allowed to be mad or frustrated sometimes. Especially when things don’t go your way. But that isn’t an excuse to not be polite or to take your feelings out on anyone. Own your emotions. Express yourself, but try to be constructive about it. Bonus points if you can turn your negative feelings into laugher.

  3. Be patient. Even if you have all the skills and money in the game, you are not going to be successful overnight. Or successful within the first few months of anything you try.
    Experience counts for a lot here. And experience comes by watching, learning, trying, dying, and learning some more.

  4. Assume that you don’t know anything, even if you think you do. There is always someone out there who is more more experienced, skilled, or versed in the mechanics than you are. And they may know of things that you have not even conceived of.

  5. Talk to people. Anyone. Everyone. Even if they have blown you up. Especially if they have blown you up.
    This game is more about “making connections” than being "the best."
    And often, making those connections will put you in contact with someone who is “the best”… and you can learn from them.

(Alaric Faelen) #25

Kill everything.

It’s worked out pretty well so far.


(Boldly Gone) #26

That’s not right, from the sight of the Newbie there are many successful moments, possibly each day. They will look petty after months or years, but I think it’s no good advice to spoil them with a “hah, that’s nothing…”

(Arcanith Lionheart) #27

A good example would be the alpha newbie in a Vexor that killed a T3D, you think that money and skills helped that Omega player survive? Of course not. There is usually more than just pressing a few buttons and having good skills. Knowing what the opposing ship can do, knowing how to maneuver your ship, knowing how to “slingshot”, knowing the limits of your ship, knowing the difference of weapons visually to know if you can kite or go up close, so on and so forth.

So yeah, skills and money, that’s nothing, player experience is where its at.

(Jasmine Deer) #28

RL comes first.

(Mike Azariah) #29

Talk to people in game

(Aldeskwatso) #30

These are pretty general as I can think of a few more situational ones. But these tend to work for me and keep me engaged and going along nicely.

  • Do not underestimate the social aspect of the game. Its all great fun and games while you are advancing. And luckily this can go on for several years. But in the end I’ve noticed its the people you meet, fly with, and against in some cases that keep you hooked in.

  • Don’t always take the easy way. Create some drama. One of the surest ways to dull the game is to always go the easy way, the safe way. It isn’t that hard to set yourself up in a way where things hardly require effort. Loss, opposition, challenge, a true enemy can have great value and add content, meaning and depth to your game. Take some risk. Try different methods. Creates perspective and versatility in your gameplay.

  • Dont save up to much ISK. It’s nice to have a heavy wallet. But it tends to make you lazy as well. It’s to easy to just not care to go out and do stuff because you already have it all or could get it in mear seconds from the market. The true value of things escape you. Instead keep a buffer 3 to 5 times the value of the average ship you fly. That way you can take some risk without having to completely start over if you lose. I’ve found it works for me. Takes some discipline tho.

  • Dont go AFK in the middle of space. People still do this. And they’re still stunned they get caught and lose their stuff… When you are AFK you are not aware of what is going on around you and you cannot respond propperly to threats. Even when you cloaked a 100km from a gate you can be decloaked by someone who happens to warp past you towards or from the gate. Chances are small but it happens.

  • Have fun. Seek fun. Don’t expect others to make it for you all the time. In those cases create fun things to do. Its your game and you can play it any way you want it. Dare to think big and aim high and don’t be discouraged by what others say. Make it happen your way.

  • Leave a bad corporation. With bad I mean inactive, careless and/or with no concern for their members. Corporations should generate meaningfull and relevant content for their members. If they don’t fit your interests and prefered playstyle move on to one that does. It might take a while but it will hook you in and feel as the first true start of the game. You might make friends you fly with for many years to come.

(Nikea Tiber) #31

If you don’t get outgunned, eventually you will get outnumbered.

You aren’t a real interdictor pilot until you are a guilty party on your own pod’s lossmail.

(Mu'ad Diib) #32

Golden rules?

This is a bit hard to answer because some of my rules, I wouldn’t share with anyone because they relate to intel and defence, having said this, here are some things that I tend to live by.

Be friendly
This doesn’t mean that you have to be a friend to everyone, or that everyone has to be your friend, but like Aldeskwatso correctly pointed out, it’s the people you meet and fly with in Eve that keep you hooked in. Having played for a while, there are some people who I now count as friends, in Eve and in RL.

Never ever go AFK (or if you do, don’t be surprised)
A fundamental rule in Eve is to ‘Never fly a ship that you can’t afford to lose’. (because basically the minute you undock you are subject to attack). This rule is, to a degree, nonsense.

Before someone calls for me to be podded as a heretic, let me explain.

The reason this rule is not entirely robust is because while you might fly a cheap (to replace) ship early on in your piloting career, sooner or later you’ll want to fly something better, faster and substantially more expensive.

And here’s the issue, while it might be a nice idea to have so much Isk in the bank that you can replace each and every ship you own instantaneously if it get’s destroyed, most people will never be that rich.

So here’s the rule, whenever you fly, be focused and present in the game. If you’re not, if you go AFK, when you get back, then you might find that you have lost your ship.

This will sting. A lot.

Be pragmatic
The follow-on rule to the above is to develop a fairly resilient and tolerant attitude to what happens in the game.

Sooner or later, you will lose ships, get robbed, be cheated and probably get harassed by other players. Some of them will be vicious and nasty and some may even enjoy knowing that you’re distressed and upset.

This should be a learning experience that you draw upon to grow in the game, but it doesn’t necessarily have to change who you are. Take a deep breath, learn something and then move on.

If you need it seek support and help from friendly pilots like the anti-gank alliance, and so on. There are good people out there, you just need to find them.

You are who you are
There is a school of thought that suggests that people play Eve in a completely different way to who they are in RL. I’m not wholly convinced about this.

I tend to take the view that no one is that good an actor to consistently play the game in a completely different, psychological, way to their RL personality. On this basis, Eve can make you a better, or a worse person, if you really want it to.

If you do want to play and act like a misanthrope in the game, you can do this, but do it knowing that if you do it probably reflects and influences a little bit who you are in RL

I choose to play as a Jedi, not as a Sith personally on this basis.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #33

Friends are great and all but nothing (and I do mean nothing ) is quite like a good enemy.

(Duo Roman) #34

Good enemies are nice to have, you should keep away from badass enemies though :sunglasses:

Edit: just joking of course, I know what you mean.

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