Wheel of Forgiveness corporation, second chance to enjoy Eve

Hello, thank you for stopping by.

My name is Eric Debaganday (Deba-gun-day).
I am the the recruiter for the

Wheel of Forgiveness Corporation :wheel_of_dharma:

We are a new high sec corp looking to give players a fresh start. Your past is just that, the past.

We welcome vets that want to return, but not sure where to go.
We welcome new players that want to learn different aspects of the game.
We welcome players that need a place to go, after their corp or alliance has fallen part.

We are your second chance to enjoy Eve. The corp CEO is a 6 year vet, that has been around everything in the game. From a runt in a corp, to a director in a Sov alliance, to CEO of a corp of friends. He has built ships from frigs to titans, run an indy infrastructure , pi to lvl 4 goods. To even leading pvp fleets.

He understands that RL sometimes throws you a curve ball, and things happen. Sometimes your not in control of your mistakes.
He needed a second chance in Eve after an illness took everything from him.
So he is trying to build him a new corp family.

If you are looking for a new home, somewhere you won’t be judged, then give us a try.
Positions open for all levels of players.

We offer orca with max boost, Refinery, and hoping a new community to work with.

If your interested please join the 4-Given channel.

Contact me in and Eve mail.
Thank you and fly with confidence.

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