When are POS Structures and Arrays/Batteries going to removed/reimbursed?

I personally guarantee it will not be next month. It is 1000 to 1 that it could be this year even.

Right now, the main drawback to not removing POS is maintaining the legacy code and they still have some functionality as forward operating bases. I think it’s a safe bet that they will be removed before the DX12 conversion and that is expected this year.

Reimbursement may not be in the form of ISK - 100% reprocessing is more likely.


They’re still actively used, so I’m not sure they’ll get removed.

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They are capable of things Upwell POSes that by their very nature are unable to do and won’t be able to do unless new structures are introduced. I await S-sized Upwell structures :grin:

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I want small citadels SO bad :cry:


Cit-mini doesn’t have tether, only has one reinforcement cycle, and can only be anchored on moons, but doesn’t show up on map!?!?!?!?!?!?

I am soooooo fine with that.

I still miss my small POS. It was the perfect tool for a solo industrialist.

Flexible: you could easily pause a lab and online the reprocessing array for a few minutes when needed - and decide which assembly arrays to online based on what you needed to build.
Portable: Anchoring and unanchoring took 15 minutes and you could use a blockade runner to move it.
Inexpensive: My Raitaru cost 5 times as much to build, consumes nearly 3 times as much fuel and is neither portable or flexible.

However, the world changed, my options were adapt or die, and I chose to adapt!

Not trolling, but why can’t you still use your small POS?

I can use the tower but the labs and assembly arrays no longer work - or maybe they work but no longer get bonuses, I can’t remember - it’s over 3 years since I built the Raitaru!

Whenever CCP introduces a feature to Upwell POSes, they disable the corresponding feature on CT POSes. They’ve said this explicitly and have consistently done so. As such, CT POSes’s capabilities have been decremented into oblivion, but there are plenty of things they can still do that Upwell POSes can’t do and that existing structures (cits/ECs/refs/flex) will never be able to do… at least not the M+ sized ones :wink:

There was a rumor that POS owners would get something when the POS were removed, because cost for faction POS was vastly greater than the value of materials that you could get. I’m figuring some sort of skin for upwells or something.

Or perhaps they will get a free mystery code.


Yeah, I got a Medium Sansha Tower. Was not easy to get. At least 5 years ago.

Hope that include faction turrets and the special assemblies and arrays.

I hope CCP realize that POS still have a place in wormhole development/settlement, specially when you have to get building supplies in for structure through C1 and C2 holes.

For starting corps in null and wormholes POS are a great starting point.

It may be better for CCP to roll out S-Sized Upwell structures to address this niche than to rely on Old-style CT “Stick” POSes. One defining property (among other heavy limitations from M-sized): it can’t be seen on map (though it can be picked up on D-Scan)

But you loose the Death Sphere POS, which are a great safe zone for anyone.

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EVE does not need “great safe zones” anywhere, least of all in wormholes :stuck_out_tongue:

Giving the S-sized structure D-scan immunity would be even better than deathstar (revising what I said earlier). If it had to be scanned via combatprobes only, that would make it relatively safe. And it would be cheaper than M-sized. It’d get you going.

Still haven’t heard anything on this. Maybe they’re waiting for us all to forget?

POS owners have already been waiting years. Why are you expecting something to happen?