When did ccp kill **YOUR** playstyle?

Are you simple!

After checking I change my mind that you are just bad at eve https://zkillboard.com/character/91907347/

I noticed you didn’t bother to answer the are you are station trader question.

A simple look at my char should answer your question! If you are not too lazy.

If you know how that is!

But I am that lazy because I don’t really care.

That is something I noticed!

I think you expecting someone to post on their main is about as dumb as judging them by their forum alt.

I never asked for somebody to post on a main! Maybe you should rethink your reading comprehension or does that fall into the lazy part of your makeup?

Hell your lucky I even bothered to read your 2 lines since you never seem to add anything worth reading.

Irony at it’s top level!

Gotta go as more content to create something you yet have to work out!

Just because Salvos is gone doesn’t mean you can have his spot light.


He just tried to take mine and failed miserably!

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Hello there.

The OP has several alts all of whom are all too easily detected.

( btw, don’t bother looking at my KB, it’s :poop: )

Who looks at KBs on the forums? That kind of person has some issues outside of EvE.

The only person who should be interested if you are on an alt is CCP and that’s just for informational purposes to make sure your not stacking an opinion.

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Interesting subject but I can’t help seeing a little piece of the hook stick out of it.

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2/10 obvious CAM thread (2 points because some people bit)

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I’m surprised OP hasn’t done that again. Perhaps CCP gave a warning.

OP may be a lazy troll; I’d be surprised if it’s deliberate.

It’s inconceivable that people don’t recognise the OP’s style by now.

When they killed off Jetcan flipping, when they removed the online buddy indicator making it nigh impossible to wage small scare wardecs.

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Introduction of jump fatigue.

You can’t still jetcan flip. That playstyle is truly dead, mainly because of mining ships with ore holds that make it totally unneccesary to jetcan mine. Back in the canflipping heyday people were mining with Ospreys and ■■■■, maybe 300m3 of cargo space. You almost never see jetcans anymore.

Ninja salvaging is truly dead too, because mission salvage is worthless now. You can still bait mission runners though, that much is true, but back in the day it was the salvage that made it a playstyle for the masses. You used to see large, newbie friendly ninja salvaging corporations. Such a thing could not exist today.

Solo wardeccing depended on the watchlist to be a viable playstyle. I still do it occasionally, it can be done, but it is so labor intense and dependant on spy alts that it cannot realistically be done more than occasionally by a player who isn’t free to be playing all day every day.

Safariing/AWOXing are still semi-viable but it is a whole different game now than it used to be, the tactics are completely changed.

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