When did you saw your first Titan?

Hello folks,

most of us will remember the Momment they saw their first Titan in the game.
It might have been during an epic battle. Maybe it sealed the fate of your little roaming gang, or maybe it was just for bridging your fleet of F1 monkeys into the hot zone.

I saw my first Titan, a Leviathan, when I joined a public fleet organized by LUMPY where they whelped their shield carriers for a gf - they where changing doctrine to armor caps.
It was just used as a bridge, but we sat there for a while waiting for the bride, giving time to have a good look at the size of the thing… In my head I remember it being queal in size to the Astrahus citadel thethering it and our tiny ball of battleships where only dots when you zoomed out ehough to see the whole picture.
The fight afterwards was fought without mercy. PH showed up, iirc and alphad through the Rokhs. (I was logi and like: Boradcast, Lock, :boom::man_shrugging: )

When did you saw first Titan in EVE?
How did it happen?
Do you even remember or have you seen too much since then?


Do wrecked titans count?
After being legally killed in hisec on 2015.05.21, I decided on a whim to travel to b-r5rb to see the wrecks.
Of course, since then, I see them every time I undock.

2012 or so when I joined an alliance that attacked a null sec region and we had to bring in freighters loaded with Ihub upgrades by titan bridges.

After the first awesome moments over the years the titans became something really mundane and unexceptional, and now my sensation about titans has devolved into frustration and wanting them deleted from the game alongside with supers because they add nothing cool to EVE any more.


Dont remember. Not so much worth remembering for me. Capitals other than carriers dont really have much appeal to me.

SOE should get a carrier.

Two months ago (i’m not experienced in EvE). We were defending our system to Goons, goons hotdropped our hotdrop, so asked for another blue alliance some help before losing too much caps. They cyno’d in with 3 Avatars, FAX, Supercaps, goons ran away as fast as they jumped in. (those who were not dead…)

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Like a decade ago used it for bridging that’s about everything they were being used for

It was Steve, almost 12 years ago. Coincidentally also the first titan to be built and blown up :stuck_out_tongue:


When I used it to bridge and I also saw Cormack TheGreat kill a bunch of INIT Ravens in 9-4.

The Titan in Luminaire.

@Khanid_Voltar my bad.


The Luminaire Titan wasn’t Steve it was an npc Titan in high sec that was unkillable.

The wreck of Steve (the first player owned titan and first to be destroyed) is in C9N-CC.

The first Titan I saw was an Avatar piloted by Shrike I think, Sir Molle’s titan alt. I don’t recall the name he gave it (and it was replaced multiple times anyway) but I saw it in about 2006 or 2007 in the deep south during the BOB vs ASCN war.


a group of four Titans belonging to TEST Alliance owning a Guristas sotiyo about a month ago. I sat there cloaked 9km from the Erebus and streamed the kill.

For me, it was a bridging titan. I had been pulled into a reincarnation of Atlas living out in Querious. We were being bridge into a fight and the titan was a mid point. I remember being yelled at because I said “Wow, that’s big” on comms.
At least I wasn’t the one who bumped him. Keep at range is a good thing.


My first sight of a titan was an Erebus we used to bridge in and kill cva titans and supers about 70 years ago. Or 10. Somethin like that. Was a great sight to see. One learns quickly why it isn’t ok to approach a titan with prop mods on. My fault…

The Enslaver’s Avatar, back in 2006. I was part of ISS(N) and one of the covops pilots. Got told to warp to a specific tower, wait for orders and to try and keep my mouth shut on voice.


I definitely remember my first sight of a real (non-NPC) Titan. It was just a couple months ago actually. I had recently joined Brave (yes Brave has titans) and was doing some industry stuff before I logged for the night. I was paying no attention to intel and had dropped out of comms because I wasn’t planning on even undocking. However once I finished getting my industry jobs to run overnight I changed my mind and figured I’d log out at another station close by.

I undock, take one look at the overview, and realized I had been paying less attention as I should have as there were ALOT of neuts in my overview. I was in a pod, with no implants, and my medical clone was at my destination so I figured I’d just keep flying and if I died then I’d still be where I wanted to go. As I approached the station I wanted to dock with I suddenly heard the “jump bridge noise” which confused me as I knew there weren’t any jump bridges near the station I was docking. I started to look around and “Oh @#$% there’s a titan jump bridging an entire fleet over there!”. Sadly I didn’t get a very good look because my pod was already in the process of docking and I was really disappointed that I had to log then and couldn’t join in to whatever it was that was going down but it was still incredible to see.

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A really really really long time ago, on the test server, back when the gallente titan looked like this

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First titan I saw was while on a low-sec roam. We went through a gate…first thing I said was, “What’s that odd symbol on the overview?”. Second thing I said was, “What’s that giant thing here on the gate with us?” Third thing I said is not repeatable in polite company, but suffice to say that we made a hasty departure from that grid.

(It was a Ragnarok)


Same here :slight_smile:

If you don’t count the NPC Caldari Titan that CCP Falcon killed for no good reason whatsoever (in a pointless attempt to make dust bunnies feel like they actually mattered), then it would be on an Agony roam that they used to bridge us in.

When I joined Band of Brothers.