When exactly does CCP plan to fix Forgotten Frontier Conversion Module relic sites in C4s?

It’s been 6 years since this site was reported broken. I’ve left the game and returned about three times and yet this site is STILL broken. Many quality of life improvements made to wormholes AND YET, this site is still broken and not working as intended.
You kill the initial wave, hack all the cans and wait for the remaining waves to spawn, but nothing shows up so you wait a little bit, then wait some more, and then some more, till you realize you are wasting your time and it’s 30 mins since you finished hacking all the cans.

Same issue discussed in this thread linked below THREE YEARS AGO.

Similar issue discussed FIVE YEARS AGO. CMON!!

If you have to redo the entire site, then go ahead. Just make it worth my while.

Am I understanding this right ? There’s one relic-site type in one WH class that doesn’t finish properly, and for that you keep leaving and returning from the whole of Eve ? Could I suggest you just stop attacking that particular type of site and get on with the rest of Eve (and life) ?

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Priority will be a function of the number of players affected divided by the development effort required. If it hasn’t been touched in 6 years I think it’s safe to assume the priority is close to 0. Presumably it’s still in the backlog somewhere - otherwise it should have been removed from the game.

Of course, it’s also possible the site is working as intended and you simply haven’t figured it out.

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If something doesn’t correctly work in a game it should be utmost priority to fix, regardless of how many people are affected. Your post is disgusting. A game should always be judged by it’s worst bug.

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Absolute nonsense. If a game is enjoyable in it’s own right, but has a bug which can easily be avoided by not playing that very small part of it, the rest of the game is still pefectly valid. It’s not as if it’s a bug that crashes your PC or loses your inventory and ships, it just doesn’t do a small part of what it’s allegedly supposed to. IT’S SIMPLY NOT IMPORTANT (to anyone but you).

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I definitely do not agree.

If simple bugs can’t be corrected, that means there can be a lot of rampant bugs (and there are).
The matter here is, that CCP uses more resources on adding stuff that maintaining .

So the new stuff is added on a base that needs fixing. While I understand that some modifications actually require a colossal amount of efforts, typically the removal of bugged sites should not be one of them.

This is an issue that has been present for a long time now.

Don’t be silly, i’m not leaving the game because of a broken site. I’m just laying emphasis on how long this issue has persisted.

CCP has gone out of their way to fix a few irrelevant bugs in whs over the years such as sleeper engagement range in gas sites and sleeper neuting amount, and has also added MANY quality of life improvements. They added more blue loot to all C1 to C4 sites. They added drifters to C5s and C6s.

This isn’t a big fix that requires a ton of coding work. The rats simply DON’T spawn after hacking the cans. There’s also nothing to figure out when ALL the other sites are working as intended. The site worked consistently pre - 2012 and have been terrible since then with the rats spawning off-grid.

Now that the grid has been expanded quite significantly, there are no rats to be found, unless the rats are spawning in excess of 20,000 kms.

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This statement at the start of your OP implies that you did :

However, please accept my apologies if I misconstrued it.

i would like to know aswell when they “plan” to fix it :frowning:

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