When I left Eve

…they were nerfing carriers in PvP because of economics. I thought it was asinine and unforgivable to nerf a ship because of economics, instead of fixing economics (ratting etc). So I left (no I wasn’t a capital pilot).

Question: Did they ever do a rethink, un-nerf carriers, and just fix ratting? I’d bet ‘no,’ but need to ask before contemplating a return.

Also, strategic cruisers were being redone, which I supported, but I didn’t get to see the finished product.

Question: Was the strategic cruiser redo well-received? What’s been the shakeout on that?

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Kind of. They only reduced DPS by half of what they originally planned, and they did not increase aggro from NPC against fighters.

Nothing much. We still have Legion/Proteus fleets, but we now see more Loki fleets which is kind of the king of the hill. Apart from that not much has changed because the promised HAC refurbishment has still not happened, and considering how useful the Loki is, I doubt that it will have a positive effect at all.

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Hello, hope you decide to come back to Eve as an Omega Clone.

Here’s some Dev Blogs about the T3 Cruiser changes:


And here’s the forum thread listing all the stats of the T3 Cruiser changes.

Increasing DPS from NPC against fighters was fine in my book. Nerfing the thing in PvP (reduce DPS) wasn’t. I guess that went through and was never rectified.

Ha, hilarious. All that work and entire fleets of these things are still roving around because they are that good?

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