When I sell a char, does it lose its facial expressions, posture, etc?

Never bought one, so no idea.

Thanks! :blush:

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No idea, but I don’t see why it should. The picture and posture are stored server side and the simplest way to transfer a character over is to transfer it all, I suppose.

Maybe someone else knows.


My brother Damien had a really cool look.

Then he got sold and the buyer made him look really boring.

But I dont think it does automatically.


The avatar will stay the same unless they were deemed to redo their character in full before the sale. That only happened a few times back when these new avatars were introduced so any newish char after shouldn’t have that issue.

I’ve sold quite a few old chars of mine over the years and many of them still have the exact same avatar as I gave them back then.


Thanks! :blush:

Agree 100%.

I had a Character and all it’s assets transferred from another player to my account, nothing was changed, even retained the names he gave to ships and station cans as well as bookmarks, contacts, UI settings, etc.


Unless they change them after the sale, of course.
I’ve been making and selling characters since I started playing 3 years ago. Most of them look the same now as when I sold them. A few have changed, and generally look dumb now.
I mean, who turns a beautiful red head with green eyes into a blonde with brown eyes and a goofy, lopsided profile picture.
Apparently, some people that buy characters have poor taste.

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