Question about selling character

Not sure where this goes, but I figured to post here. I have a character I am thinking of selling but I have an asset in null space that I cannot get to. Can I still sell the character or am I SOL on this?

You can still sell the character, you just can’t include the value of assets in the sale price.


ah ok thats fine, as long as I’m able to sell my character thats what I care about. Thank you for the info!

If you care about your pilot, why would you be hinting of selling it?

For the Isk?

Yes, for the isk.

I think you might have misunderstood, what he cares about is that he is still able to sell the character despite the asset being tied to it

People like him dont have emotions as you may know them.

If your Pilots Clone was stuck in the TTC Tower would you still care for your Pilot as a whole or just cut out its soul?

A Clone is the Pilots Soul!

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You’re not getting that clone out man. Just light a candle, take a breath, and move on.

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