When keepstar die

I didn’t understand what happen in particular case if a keepstar die, just example:
i have a titan in keepstar, keepstar will die, and there is npc station in system (low sec):
usually asset will be move in npc station, as you know titan can’t dock on npc station.

What will happen if:

  • player is on titan
  • titan are in ship maintance of keepstar
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In Shiphangar:
Titan gets into asset safety into the Station.
Player sits in Titan in Keepstar:
Player will be with his titan ejected and sits on the wreck of the Keepstar.


Make sure your character is not in the Titan and that the Titan is in your ship hanger.

I mean, it would be super helpful if maybe CCP had some sort of Help Center which contained helpful answers to frequently asked questions regarding things like Asset Safety

Oh wait… they do


Which Keepstar in lowsec we are talking about?

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just burn them all, you nail the right one eventually.

Umm, I looked, but I didnt read anything for caps that normally cant fit in stations, does that mean a titan can be placed inside of a npc?

Asset safety will likely let you move it to a valid low sec station, however, once you undock you won’t be able to redock so you’ll want to be extra careful

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