Where to store carrier?

Hope someone can answer some questions for a old player returning on skilled up a new character.

In the old days, I could rat combat sites using my carrier returning to the POS if any trouble happened and store it there when not in use.

In my current system, I only have access to an fortizar and I believe my carrier can tether but not dock?

So where do I store my carrier?

Hope someone can help me with this.

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Carriers can dock in a Fortizar, Supers cannot.

Alternatively, you could jump it NPC Null, Lowsec or throw up another pos.

  • Dreads, Carriers, and Fax can dock in NPC stations, fortizar, sotiyo, or keepstar
  • Supercarriers and Titans can dock in Keepstars only.
  • Rorquals can dock in NPC stations, fortizar, keepstar, sotiyo, or tatara (only for rorquals.)
  • As an exception, Freighters and Jump freighters can dock everywhere and go to highsec.

Ah right it was an old 2018 post that suggested they could not dock in a Fortizar, thanks you have cleared that up for me appreciated


Very welcome!

Just so you’re aware, it’s generally not currently worth the risk to rat in a carrier.

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Yeah I know

why are you being a snitch? let the poor man rat in his carrier.

If you want to store it long term I would suggest docking in a low sec Fortizar then doing asset safety to an NPC station in the system for 0.5% fee.

If you are going to do that why not just dock it in a low sec NPC station. Even more safe than a LS fortizar.

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They’re still good for L5s, and still handy for moving ships around lowsec, but otherwise I agree.

Or for someone like me: who just loves their ships big and fat :yum: and dislikes tiny squishy things

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