When were added hull resistance to ships?

I haven’t played Eve for quite a while, but as far as I remember there weren’t any resistances on the hull of a ship.
When has this feature been added to the game, and what was the reason for doing so?
What do you personally think - did it make the combat somehow better?

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From what I remember ships have always had Hull resistance stats, at least for the past 13+ years that I’ve been playing.

I remember a saying from long ago - Elite Players Hull Tank… or something like that.

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No they haven’t this was changed during or shortly after the suitcase was removed and DCU became passive. It was done to make dcu less mandatory on nearly every fit. It also caused gankers to lose their minds as it increased the ehp of all freighters.

It was within the last decade not over 13 years ago.


Real men hull tank.

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  • Damage Controls are now passive modules, and provide reduces hull resistances. This extra hull resistance has been integrated directly into the base ship stats, providing every ship in the game with 33% base hull damage resistances. New faction and officer Damage Controls have been added.



Don’t know what game you’ve been playing but for the past 13 years that I’ve been playing Eve, Ships have always had Hull Resists stats on them. That’s what I said to the OP since he didn’t remember seeing Hull Resistance stats on ships… Nothing was asked about Damage Control modules or the changes done to them.

Before the DC mod was made passive in 2016, it gave 60% Resistance to Hull when active along with some Shield and Armor resists… What CCP did was nerf the Resistance stats of the DC module and to offset that nerf, they buffed the Hull Resistance stats of all ships.

This thread from 2008 proves that ships had Hull Resistance stats on them…

Some people here seriously need to do some research before posting…

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Yeah. Base, 0 resists on hull. Just what OP asked for.

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And another one who doesn’t read.

Regardless of the percentage, ships still had Hull Resistance stats on them…

Digging on OP bad wording helps to have your mood level in check?

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Constantly nitpicking over the smallest detail in an attempt to prove everybody else wrong just to feel better?

That’s what you’re doing. Your hung up on how he worded it. I highly doubt he used to play and never realized you could add resistance to the hull and its just asking when they got the base resistance.


It freed up a low slot for some fits and increased freighter ehp by ~50%.

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