When will this So Excellent skin appear?

FROM:筑梦航天,探索星河!EVE×中国航天联动正式开启 _ EVE国服官网_EVE Online_网易EVE官网_星战前夜_晨曦


Only available in Russia.

Probably never, there have been other serenity exclusive skins in the past and they regularly get exclusive accelerators etc

So i wouldn’t expect us to see them

Article says they are skins relating to the chinese space program so i would definitely rule them out

yea… no… we won’t be seeing anything from serenity. Serenity and Tranquility are treated differently (serenity has cool punishments for bad people)

Is it exile to Tranquility?


Thanks, that actually made me laugh as it seems strangely true.

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Ganks simply go directly toward your social karma thing that they have going on over there.


One can only hope and dream we get those. They look amazing though!

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