Where are the FC's?

Are there any active FC’s that aren’t working for Goon/Pandemic/Test/insert famous name here? I ask because as an indy player the market seems to move incredibly slow. It seems like all anybody does is gank miners and haulers and gate-camp. It’s so BORING. Doesn’t anybody fight for territory? Where are you people?

On eve retirement.

My corp only has retired FCs, we fly without F1 drones, it’s great, if one in our 7 man gang dies we have 6 more FCs screaming at each other.
But really what is an FC? Anyone can make calls, it’s shouldn’t be black and white.
There is no reason to fight for territory tho, everyone has his deep end pocket with scouts 5 jumps out and can crab 23/7, EVE is big enough and ressurces never deplete.

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You need content and struggle for FC’s to emerge but there is no struggle, eve has entered a stalemate.

Most huge entities are happy to sit and get fat on space roid’s and a-nom’s protected by hundred’s of super cap’s sitting like atomic weapon’s all pointed at surrounding entities more as a threat than anything that will ever be used.

I fear the day’s of epic battles over sort after rare resources and great strategic location’s are over, nothing is rare anymore nothing is worth fighting for Goon’s probably feel like they have already Won eve with their huge masses of wealth.

At this point in time maybe the best course of Action is a hard server reset.

It’s like imagining a trailer for a medieval war movie with both armies running at each other but they all Fat have had their fill and get tired half way and sit and go to sleep xD. It’s not very epic.


How will anyone outside the people you mentioned have a fight for territory. When the only way it happens is with the permission of one of the mega entities?

It is dangerous and expensive, all big entities sitting in their teritories and just collecting ISKs, :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

beka bo jeszcze rano nie chcialo mi sie w ogole grac, a wystarczylo dobrze sobie na kogos pobluzgac dostac w nagrodzie prywatnego pieska dzieki ktoremu dostane extra unikatowy badges… i czlowiekowi od razu wraca ochota do gry… wy to jednak Tubylcy jestescie mistrzami strategii, wiecie jak zadzialac na sfere emocjonalna gracza tak, zeby wroocili do grania w gierki… szacun naprawde, respect 10/10… az postanowilem ze jednak odwiedze Rudego w lesie, a mialem go tam juz zostawic na zawsze… co prawda jeszcze nie podjalem decyzji czy przyjde z Niedzwiedziem czy z darami, ale… odwiedze go na pewno

I think you can see the problem right here in this thread. All anybody thinks about it oh Goon/Pandemic is so big, oh they have so much wealth and so much pie to eat, oh we can’t do anything because apparently everyone who is not a Goon is by default a helpless cripple. But you look at the map and they only have one or two corners of the map, it’s not like one of them owns the entire nullsec. They can’t do anything to people in far corners. They would have to actually mobilize something reasonable to do that, and as far as I can tell they are too lazy to do that otherwise THEY WOULD ALREADY OWN ALL OF NULLSEC. Then you see all these little nook and crannies here and there on the map with little pockets of corps who couldn’t organize a fight to save their lives, and yet they somehow have a little piece of territory for themselves. People are just lazy or scared, or both. I see so many areas that people could fight for that would be worth something, and yet nobody wants to try anything. I’m not going to pay $15/month to watch big corporations blow snot bubbles at the other side of the room. If anybody wants to actually play the game, talk to me maybe we can have some fun work together.

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It’s called renters.

If any of the big alliances did try to take over all of null they would then make a lot more active enemies. By not invading they are just keeping the status quo and won’t get teamed up on by everyone else.

Even translated, your post makes no sense at all.

Why fight for sov when you can make a goon/ test/ whatever krab alt and enjoy krabing without politics and structure management.

Only reason I see atm is to provoke a heavier response and get more fleet fights by threatening someone. But big blocs will drop fleets of supers even if you don’t go for the sov, tackling a rorq is enough.

But fighting all cuts into the isk per hour… ISK PER HOUR!!!111111eleven

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