Where did this goldmine went?

Hello !

While exploring in Sansha’s invaded space today, I managed to scan down a Nation’s Prison Camp, and the DED Database seems to tell a bit of lore about it. However, when I tried to click on the “mindlock” link to see where it’d send me, I saw that the link sent nowhere… Or that its destination go deleted.

So, I’d like to know : does anybody know anything about the wiki.eveonline.com this DED database extract refers too ? And why did it got deleted from the public access ?

Also, if anybody actually remember what was there about “mindlock”, I’d love to know more about it, and everything related to the Sansha’s Nation, please !

Leaving the screenshot for good measure :slight_smile:

The official EVE wiki was deleted years ago because CCP thinks that, despite ridiculously comprehensive player contributions, other player contributed wikis would be better. And since we are talking about CCP they forgot that they had included links to the wiki ingame.

Try to look this DED plex and mind lock stuff up on EVE Uni’s wiki which copied over most of the data. Maybe you are lucky and find the link there.

I looked it up, and apparently it wasn’t copied…

Since it states “the unlucky survivor is either left in a comatose state SIMILAR to Mind Lock…” I would suspect they are talking about this:


At least that’s the place I’ve seen mind lock spoken about.


wiki.eveonline.com was replaced with fiction.eveonline.com.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
I suppose CCP didn’t rewrite each and every one of their old articles in their new lore portal ?

It’s a work in progress - there are still quite a few 404 links in the Portal, though it’s a lot better than what it was in its launch. Some articles have gotten rewrites or additions, a lot has stayed the same, too. Regretfully the Fiction Portal doesn’t have any feeds like what is recently updated or added.


To answer your question about Mind Lock specifically. Mind Lock is a condition where a potential pilot links with a ship VIA a pod, however they either do not have the necessary training to withstand the mental shock or the shock to their mind is to great and after the pilot is removed from the pod they are paralyzed and unable to interact with anyone or anything and are essentially “locked” within their mind.

Well, Fuzzwork has a rehosted EvElopedia dump, but it’s got a lot of red links from what I can see. I don’t suppose anything from the old wiki that wasn’t carried over can be found on Archive.org’s wayback machine?

Backstage wiki has most of what EVElopedia had.

Most anything not there can be found on Wayback Machine, but you need to know the specific article name as you can’t use search on wayback.

I wonder how much is gone forever? It’s kinda sad to think about. :pensive: