What happened to GankerOutLook?

Hi! Does anyone remember that site gankerlookout.com that provided information on gate camps? Does anyone know what happened to that? A couple of days ago when I went to the site none of the information updated. Now it just redirects me the EVE Online website. Kinda strang if you ask me. That site was a really useful resource.

It looks like it…


Got ganked.

You can still access the site through the Wayback Machine, although many features will be broken.


It stopped updating a while ago because CCP changed the API yet again (same reason why eve-central.com is down). It would require non-trivial changes to the site to make it operational again for which the author didn’t have time, yet.

That’s the last status update we have about it. I don’t know when that will happen or if it will happen at all as he hasn’t been online in several months.


Do you mean the Zkill API? Because kills only appeared there if you posted them on Zkill.

That is still the case. zkb has switched over to ESI and also exports its data in ESI formatting now instead of the deprecated CREST formatting. That needs to be taken care of. Some data that used to be available in CREST formatting is also not available in ESI formatting anymore and has to be aquired by additional API calls now.

The zKill API changed to match the ESI formatting. I would agree it is non-trivial to update, but it isn’t that much work to switch over to the new zKill format. I managed it for my projects in an afternoon, the most time consuming bit being implementing calls to the ESI to resolve the actual names of characters as zKill only provides their ID integers now.

But if the creator of the site is done with Eve, I can see why they consigned it to the dustbin. A shame, it was a useful tool.

Much less so nowadays as many gankers have pulled their API key/authorization from zkb in response to it.

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Well that’s unfortunate.

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