Where Do You Explore?

In case anyone is curious, I have found greater success in WHs recently, so thanks for all the tips. My WH trips are much shorter now, as I’m getting better at figuring which ones are more likely to have sites I can loot. I do keep stumbling upon holes with tons of recent explorer kills, and I’ve been erring on the side of caution. Basically, if there were a spat of kills in the last month, I just leave.

That being said, I’m probably being over cautious. I even say to myself “what are the odds that today, after no kills in a month, today is the day someone is cloaky camping?” But then I think about my Astero and the (sometimes) loaded up cargo bay and think, “nah, not worth it.” You know what, sometimes, it’s probably worth it.

In any case, thanks to everyone for making me a better explorer. Still tons to learn, but hey, progress!

That seems bit extreme, hunters rarely live in the hole they are camping.

Better would be to look for signs of occupancy. Are there any (non low power) citadels? Active force fields? Do you see the same corp showing up on multiple days in that system within the last month?

If the hole does look occupied, what time are they typically active?

I would jump into a WH that had a NS static. Travel around null searching for relic sites. Then when I grew tired or my cargo was getting to expensive, I would find another WH that had a HS static to drop everything off at my base of operation. On a side note right before I took my break, I landed in Thera. When I return I’m going to live out of Thera and see how that works.

I’ve got far more basic question (just two weeks into exploration). Does every site in WH space have rats in it? Or are those only Sleeper sites? Every time I got into WH space I encountered “occupied” relic and data sites.

I still can’t cloak, so maybe I shouldn’t got there in the first place.

WH space has pirate faction sites just like the sites in K-Space, but they’re sometimes a bit harder to find, particularly because WHs tend to have a TON of signatures. The sites are the same as they are in null sec, but are (apparently) random, unlike in null where certain regions contain sites from certain factions.

Honestly, like @Zero_Almighty above, I’ve mostly been using WHs as a way to get to null and back more quickly, rather than doing my actual exploration inside.

Also, yeah, cloaks are pretty key in WH space. I wouldn’t necessarily say you SHOULDN’T go, but realize you are much more at risk than you otherwise would be.

Warp to station, make sure you are inside the docking radius. Make a bookmark in personal folder so it is in the right click menu. I name them Dock and planet/moon number. Eg. “Dock 4/4” for Jita.

I wouldn’t go if you cant cloak. I’m at level V. fly a ship that can warp cloaked so after scanning anything down I warp to it, again cloaked, if it is occupied, I warp back out. I have drones but feel the numbers aren’t in drones favor so why lose a ship + over this, move to next anomaly. This maybe be overcautious but being new I cant afford to lose ship after ship. At this point I consider WH’s dangerous and proceed with caution.

Sansha is my favourite by a long shot. It is very punishing if you’re not obscenely careful though. But I can easily get a few hundred million isk in around an hour if not more.

As an alpha in a heron, north east or c1-3 wormholes.

If I were to start exploring again, it would be in a Stratios in WH space. (Which tier WH would depend on fit ,but ideally the higher tiers, since c4 and c6 WHs aren’t used much. c5’s are usually occupied by farmers though.)

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