Where Do You Find Current Missions Tab

As it stated, where do you find your mission tab? I think i’m on a mission and don’t wanna do that specific one as I am trying to do the sisters of eve mission blood stars

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press alt+J (Journal).

You can doubleclick the mission names in the mission tab to open the mission info.


“People & Places” window --> “Locations” tab --> “Agent Missions” section also has mission bookmarks.

Also, I don’t know how to make it appear (probably by clicking on one of the small icons above the “Search New Eden” box), but you can make mission info pop op on the hud underneath the route info.

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Correct that this is one of the small icons in the top left by the system name/search bar - specifically the silhouette of a person. I believe you can reorder these by dragging said icons side to side to change the top-to-bottom order, too? Not at my PC right now to verify.


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