Where do you hide the new Machariel skin?

Hello CCP,

since the june patch I wait for the promised Machariel skin … still nothing - What is going on ? Could you care to give ANY info on when we can expect it to be available ?

Asking the important questions.

pretty sure it shows up in the July patch, along with things like the rattlesnake victory edition. both of those SKINs seem to be in game now, but not accessible.

First Machariels and Faction BS have to become special and expensive again :stuck_out_tongue:

nonsense …

even the bare mention of going to work on them in terms of manufacturing cost and drop rate … which was unfortunately leaked some 3 hours before CCP Fozzie was forced to write the official announcement , made the prices highrocket … mainly because traders wanted to reap big profits and started buying every cheap pirate hull they could find …

I expect the Machariel skin too.

Now we have had the july expansion out for a week - and still no Machariel Skin ?

ANY comment @CCP ?

It’s been on TQ since june btw, I’ve been wanting it since I saw in on sisi


Looks like 6 months time :disappointed_relieved:

Available now until Aug 8th for a 3 month sub.