Where is Custom Office option in Planetary Interacion window?

Hey CCP, after the rollout of the new update we missed a very helpful functionality, the Custom Office option in context menu, that were really helpful to warp directly to the Custom Office without finding it in the overview, where everything is a mess.
I hope is it a mistake and the function will be back live soon, do you have any explanation?

yap, absolute BS, its a mess to warp too your planet now …
i hope this will be fixed asap

Also bugged trying to open customs office from planet view. It says no customs office exists. And currently can not auto stack things in cans. clicking stack all doesnt do anything.

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Basically, you can Warp To OR Open the customs office… not both lol If you use the Overview you can do both, but the planetary window menus are fkd up now.

Seriously… how can you fk something up you didn’t even touch…

“I rarely test… but when I do I do it in PROD”

lolz :rofl:

This appears to be sorted, but, if you hadn’t noticed you can use the button at the bottom right of the Planetary Production window to “Warp to” the selected Planetary Colony in the window and that takes you right to the customs office. That button then becomes “Access” so that you can then do your POCO business.

So no need to right-click contextual if you don’t want to (I find using the PP window much more effective) or using the Overview (in which you could set up a custom preset for just PP stuff only).

The only problem with that - while a sensible suggestion on the surface - is that the POCO is “there”. As in “everyone can see it and can cloaky-camp the busy ones cos then the gankee comes to the ganker with no effort at all”.

Also, you just said “PP” and the 6 year old in me found this hilarious :laughing:

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