Where to get the knowledge?

I mean things like how to:

  1. accept other/new corporation members,
  2. set up a corporation hanger,
  3. set up a corporation area for the storage of BPOs & BPCs,
  4. set up a corporation area for skill books
  5. ETC…

Frankly, I don’t know enough to ask any more than that at this time.

Please point me to where I can learn this stuff, Please. I am desperate at this point.

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Ask in rookie. Ask in various alliance recruitment chat channels, ask on the forums, ask reddit, or look at the previously-mentioned EVE Uni stuff. There are people everywhere who want to help you. I have absolutely no idea how to do these things, but I want to help you find people who do.

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That is infact a really great deal… It cost me way more than that to learn what I was shown.

Scanning down a target… wow thankyou

If you’re not currently running a corp, I’d recommend putting putting a character in EVE Uni and volunteering for an officer job like one in the Intake & Progression Department. You learn a lot about how to do corp jobs in any organization.

NETOS offers Corp training as well. You could ask @Dace_Cad if he could figure out something for you.