Where to sell my gas safely?

I’m going to do some WH gas mining but i still have no idea on where to sell my gas, since Jita just too dangerous for me to travel with my hard work gas.
i’ve been blew up twice in jita space… it give me a bad perspective :frowning:
so any idea for me?

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JITA, like everyone else.



Though I am a bit skeptical of Jita being so dangerous as you claim given the number of times I’ve entered, traded, and exited safely, you can use the above to find just about any market order anywhere you want to sell to.

What I would suggest, though, given the convenience of Jita, would be to make an insta-dock bookmark and an insta-undock bookmark.


Push Industries specializes in delivering cargo. I’ve used them in the past, and it’s a reasonable bet they know a thing or two about general best practice. I’d give the page a good read for some tips.


How do you enter Jita?
The one and ONLY time I have ever been ganked in Jita was when I was testing something stupid, and I haul decent value stuff through there.

Guess a few guidelines for traveling through high sec may help.

Never fly the ship on autopilot. The autopilot drops out of warp 15km’s away from the gate and does a slow approach to it before jumping which allows other ships time to do a passive cargo scan on you as well as call their fleet mates to your location, thus making your ship an easy target to attack.

Manual piloting your ship by selecting the ‘Jump’ option for each gate in route to the selected destination and then selecting the ‘Dock’ option for the selected station is the safest way to travel.

Never haul a full load. It makes your ship a much more valuable target to attack. It’s better to split the load up into a few smaller loads and make a few trips to market, Smaller loads make your ship less desirable as a target plus if it does get attacked and destroyed, you won’t have lost everything.

Fit your ship for defense, not for hauling. Make sure your defensive tank is specialized, meaning do not fit both armor and shield modules but rather pick one and boost / enhance it as much as possible. The idea is to make sure your ship survives the initial attack for Concord to arrive.

If your corp is in a WarDec then it’s probably best to just stockpile the goods until the WarDec is over. Or if the WarDec continues for a long time, hire a specialized courier corp to move the goods to market. A lot of players will use an alternate character in NPC Corp to move goods to market.

I think that’s about it, good luck to you.


If you are mining gas in a WH successfully, you should have little problem dealing with the risk of going to Jita.

To understand how to be safe, you need to understand the windows where you are vulnerable, and there are only two: when you enter the system and aligning towards the station, or when you land on grid with the station and are about to dock.

The second is the easiest to deal with - you need to use insta-dock and insta-undock bookmarks. These allow you to immediately dock once you land on grid with the station, and immediately enter warp once you leave. You only need to make them once, and then you can use them forever and transfer them to any other characters you have so it is well worth the time. There are more detailed guides elsewhere, but the short version is:

  1. Insta-dock: To make this one just fly a ship somewhere close to the station where your overview says ‘0 km’ distance. Generally I choose somewhere away from where people undock, and not the side of the station facing a gate. To use this after you jump into a system, initiate warp to this bookmark once you enter the system and while in warp, select set the station as your autopilot destination (if it isn’t already) and then activate the autopilot. When you land your autopilot will instantly dock you eliminating any window of vulnerability.

  2. Insta-undock. For this you just need a bookmark at least 150km in a direct line from the undock although generally you want to be much further, even off-grid. Given you undock at a slightly random angle it can be sometimes be tricky to get one truly in-line, but experiment, and if you are really paranoid you probably want a couple different ones. To use it all you have to do is warp to the bookmark when you undock and you will enter warp before anyone can lock you.

Being safe on the gate is harder, but in a fast-aligning ship you should be pretty safe. If you want to increase your chances, switch your low slot for something that increase your align time like an inertial stabilizer when you come out of the wormhole, but no one should have time to both scan you and explode you before you enter warp even without one so you will have to be very unlucky to be attacked. As @DeMichael_Crimson says, never use autopilot for anything other than to plot routes (and do the insta-dock trick a describe above). Always click ‘jump’ or ‘dock’ to move around highsec.

Another option for you if you have a really valuable load would be to dock at station and off-load your gas and move it to more tanky ship like a tanked T1 hauler or a Procurer to take it to Jita (or even use a courier contract to pay someone else to take the risk). In my view though, you are better off minimizing your time in space and just flying your Venture with the precautions listed above (the ‘rabbit’ approach to staying safe) than to try to make yourself an unprofitable target by fitting tank (the ‘tortoise’ strategy), and sticking with the Venture has the advantage of being much faster. If you just have a single-load of gas you really aren’t that big a target anyway, so you will have to be quite unlucky to lose a ship.


Use red frog freight to move 1bil of gas to jita 4-4 caldari navy station at a time :].


Got a new caldari alt and was quite surprised the starting systems are around Jita. But well, nice, sell some loot there. Oh, take a fast Condor with MWD to create a bookmark for Insta-Undock. So I did. Or well, tried.
I never made it out Jita station without being bumped by any of that 10-30 ships that undocked seconds ago and were in front of me. So I was not able to fly a straight line out of that station yet… Any advice?

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Well, you could try at a more quiet time of day…

But otherwise, for Jita IV - 4 I believe there is a moon inline with the undock. You can warp to the moon and drop a bookmark while in warp. Another trick you can use at busy stations is to warp to someone else’s insta-undock - either scan with combat probes something slow (like a freighter; a tight probe formation with the smallest range will get 100% on a big ship in one go) undocking and then warp to that place, or more easy, people often leave mobile depots, cans or other things you can warp to in-line with the undock. but still on the grid. Just warp to one of those, make a bookmark and you have your insta-undock!


Also, just in case it is relevant, there is a period of invulnerability during which you can not be bumped so long as you do not initiate any action other than to stop. If you simply do nothing as you exit, assuming you get a good vector on undock, you may be able to cruise in a fast ship (without activating the MWD) to a safe distance before engaging that MWD to make a bookmark at sufficient distance.


Thanks for all the replies
Really helpfull
Two of my ship that got blow up was all industrial ship with maximum cargo hold fit
And yes I load a whole full of my goods in there
Some guys just blew it before I dock
Waiting for docking permission is a pain…
Anyway many lessons learn and I’ll sell my gas in jita with more cautious
:3 Krall


When I warp in 2-3 km away from station perimeter and want to dock, I just hit the prop module (Propulsion: MWD or Afterburner). This way you dock much faster.
BUT: Much traffic also results in much (unwanted) bumping, getting you off course and velocity to the station, so be very cautios where your ship is flying to. That means in Jita (and Amarr, Dodixie, and Hek) an Insta-Dock bookmark (like Black Pedro described) is a very good idea. Your ship can dock anywhere around the station (3D, also top and bottom), you don’t need to travel to any entry.

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The obvious option is to sell in jita, for safe hauling tips see above.

But… if you join a wormhole corp, many will have a loot/gas buyback program, where you sell to corp (slightly below jita prices) and they either haul and sell it for you, or use it for their own ends.

In the time it saves you from hauling to jita, you could’ve huffed more gas and earned more ISK.

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Bear in mind that the MWD also increases your signature radius by a factor of 5, reducing the time it takes to get a lock on you and increasing the damage you may take from an alpha strike before you reach the station. For stations you feel are not camped, flipping the MWD switch probably does no harm, but if you’re afraid of a camp obliterating you before you can reach the docking ring, the drawbacks of a MWD may outweigh the benefits.

Afterburners do not bloom the signature radius, so are always advantageous.


Jita is for jitards. Go to Amarr or Dodixie, those are much nicer places.


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