Which is better a scoop or a a harvester

which is better as i just lost my gas ships and would like to know which is better.

harvester can only be used on barges or exhumers.
scoops are meant for frigates but are able to be used on any ship with a turret hard point.

so procurer, covetor, retriever, hulk, skiff, mackinaw are the only ships you can put a harvester on.

me who had a harvester on my frigate :^)

you cannot put a gas cloud harvester on a frigate… it will not let youz

What ship are you considering a “frigate”?

a venture and is a scoop faster then a havester

Gas cloud harvesters
Gas cloud harvesters are placed in the high slots. These modules are restricted to be used with Mining Barges and Exhumers. Harvesters mine a larger amount but with a longer cycle time.

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