Which program to scan market? Evernus?

Hello, I’m searching for a program to scan market, I found Evernus, but it’s giving me this error:

/v1/markets/structures/1022690772186/?page=1: Error transferring https://esi.tech.ccp.is/v1/markets/structures/1022690772186/?page=1&datasource=tranquility - server replied: Service Unavailable (SSO: 0)

What should I do? I need to scan market to get some buy orders placed and to start learning about the market.


I usually visit these sites:

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Thanks, but I am looking for a tool that scans the market and give me profitable items to buy low sell high in the very station as is Jita.

I know Evernus did this but it’s returning me that error.

You need to update SSO token. You must log in to your account in app. Probable in settings you will find proper option. because for me everything is done at first start.

Take a look at the official Evernus topic here for info how do solve this issue.

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