Which races capsuleers would you like to see die most? [Closed. 441 Votes. Result conclusive.]

(yellow parasol) #41

No. Don’t worry about that. We’re all racist.

(Yoshi Tadaruwa) #42

Believe rads is the unit of measurement of radiation. You are correct joules are a measurment of Energy or Work.

(Lee Adaama) #43

Kill all the soulless capitalist pigs!

(Rivr Luzade) #44

That’s some serious vote brigading. Yesterday, the poll was at 50 votes after more than 10 days with indiscriminate hate for all capsuleers, a day later it’s at 240 with clear bias.

(yellow parasol) #45

The boost came from the weekly backlook, and is still going on. i asked CCP Phantom to put it in, and he did, as can be seen in the initial post’s links. Nothing to worry about, especially because the top racial spot, for the most part, keeps staying unchallenged.

(Rivr Luzade) #46

Wow, to put such an incitement of hatred into the weekly news. Flabbergasts me a bit

(yellow parasol) #47

Keep it ingame and iC. In case you do, then disregard this post. :slight_smile:


You’re just pissed, because your race is winning. Heh… winning. :grin:

(Rivr Luzade) #48

Bit of both. But I am fine with Amarr winning. More worthless fodder for my Tachyon Beams and Mega Pulse Lasers to scorch to show with impressive might that people may want to see me dead but they will have to work very, very hard to get my people there… What more could I ask for? :innocent:

(yellow parasol) #49

A glorious, honourable death … if you’re lucky. :slight_smile:

(Sylvia Kildare) #50

All 3 of my main toons are Gallente so you can guess who I didn’t vote for. In terms of NPCs, I probably dislike Amarrian NPCs the most… I mean, crazy slave-holding, warlike, expansionist, over-religious nutjobs… I could go on.

But the question was about capsuleers, not NPCs. And not all capsuleers follow/RP the faction of their choice that strongly. Also, I live in Amarr space most of the time for PVP and PVE and community reasons. Love it in Amarr as a (series of) region(s), the pinnacle of HS IMO.

So, it’s a tough one. I ended up voting Caldari because Caldari space is so full of people who rolled Caldari to be near Jita and Jita is a hive of scum and spam. Long live Amarr and Dodixie as trade hub competition!

Are you referring to the Gallente or Caldari there? Really could be either. :wink:

(Sylvia Kildare) #51

Yeah, it’s all because of being in TWIE #170. Without that, the results wouldn’t have shifted so much. Now we know what the forum regulars think (results before the linkage in TWIE) vs. what the general TWIE-reading populace thinks (results now).

(yellow parasol) #52

forked to …

reddit doesn’t like the forums right now… or ever. vOv

(Mitara Newelle) #53

What’s the saying… “they hate us because they aren’t us”… or something of the like.

It is understandable as Amarr is what everyone aspires to, some have much further than others to go though I’m afraid.

edit - I thought this was on in the IGS forums, so disappointed it’s not. But since we are OOC here:
/me dabs on the haters.

(yellow parasol) #54

excuse me, can you please elaborate on that?

(yellow parasol) #55

324 votes, Amarr still winning.

(yellow parasol) #56

I’ll close the poll on monday, some time post DT.

(March rabbit) #57

Hate keeps a man alive, it gives him strength!

Children of bodom

(yellow parasol) #58

Boom. :blush:

The reference to bodom is borderline. :slight_smile: This ain’t real life murder. :slight_smile:

(March rabbit) #59



(yellow parasol) #60

Aahhh, my bad. :slight_smile: