Which Scan Array Module to use?

I’m running an Imicus scanning for data and relic sites. I’m fairly well up in all the relevant skills. I have a problem sometimes of Cosmic Signatures failing to resolve to 100% despite my best efforts with probe positioning etc. I’m wondering which Scan Array would most improve this - Scan Pinpointing Array I or Scan Rangefinding Array I ?

Current fit -

[Imicus, Imicus 4]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Nanofiber Internal Structure I

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Data Analyzer I
Relic Analyzer I
Cargo Scanner I

Improved Cloaking Device II
Drone Link Augmentor I
Core Probe Launcher I

[Empty Rig slot]
Small Emission Scope Sharpener I
Small Memetic Algorithm Bank I

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x16

If you can’t get to 100% what you want is rangefinding for more scan strength.

If you keep losing the sig and having to start over, you want pinpointing to lower your maximum deviation.

For combat probing or looking for wormholes go with acquisition. Not that you asked.


That’s the one I need, thanks.

If you miss for few points you could manually change probe formation for Max scan strwngth

That sometimes works, but not always. The thing that puzzles me is that the documentation says I should be able to rotate the set of probes with the Alt key, but that doesn’t work for me. Is it a documentation error, or (possibly) a Linux issue ?

does alt work for other things in game? such as ‘look at’?

Alt works OK for most things. Linux must be capturing the ‘alt-mousemove’ event before it gets to Eve, as it sometimes changes the window size too. Unfortunately I can’t find a ‘rotate probes’ in the Eve shortcuts, so I guess it’s hard-coded.

I’ve just remembered it doesn’t like Alt_L-Fn for the mid slots either, so definitely a Linux issue.

you need to remove your “alt” shortcuts in your OS.
ubuntu allows to move window with alt+drag, my advice is replace that with super(windows key) instead of alt.


I found and switched-off that particular window-moving one, thanks, so ‘rotate the probes’ now works OK - but I can’t find any way of switching off the other Alt-fn intercepts, which don’t seem to be configurable in Mint.

remove the eve shortcuts for weapons (Fx and alt Fx and ctr Fx)

assign the following 3shortcuts per ligne :
high : q, w, e
mid : a,s,d
low : z,x,c
reload weaps : T

They are already assign to other command (look at, approach, fleet target broadcast, etc.) remove them.

Then go in your navigation shortcuts I think ?
here there are three shortcuts that are not set
decrease probe distance : set to g
increase probe distance : set to h
refresh probe scan : set to b

Then more for drones :
launch drones : shift F
drone engage : F (default)
drones return and orbit : shift R
drones return to bay : R

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I’ll try that, thanks.

first thing: change your rigs!
fit two small gravity things, which increase your scan strength by 10% (x2)

Those rigs are for hacking once I’ve found stuff, they work well. Unfortunately they take up all the resource, so I can’t fit a gravity thing as a 3rd rig.

then level up your skills to fly a covert ops t2 frigs, (better bonuses for hacking), and then put the correct rigs

and before t2 covert ops, fly an astero (better bonuses for hacking)

ps: i convoed you in game to give you some advices but you did not answer

Thanks for the T2 etc. tips, My skill training is heading in that direction, but has some way to go yet.

My apologies - after seeing some of the in-game threats made against posters that have appeared on these forums, I decided a forum-only alt was the best way to go.

then feel free to convo me in game if you want to discuss about explo. I have no sexually transmitted disease that could reach you via convo

Thanks, will do (under wardec atm, I’ll contact you when that’s over)

Sorry to hear about the war dec but don’t let that stop you doing Explo! Google war dec’s in EVE and you will find resources. In an exploration frigate you should be fine as long you stay well outside the trade hubs. Drop loot off often and if you do lose a ship you are out a few million which you will more than make back.

No problem, I was just hanging around to help my corp out (needed to up-skill and up-ship). War-dec’s expired now, but the sun’s shining and I’ve run out of excuses not to do all those outstanding outside jobs in RL :slight_smile: I’ll get back to it when the summer has expired (probably won’t be long…)