Cannot scan wormholes in Imicus

I am alpha.
I got an Imicus and got it fitted as per forum discussion: Imicus - Tech 1 - Exploration
My fit is -
[Imicus, Alpha Imicus]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
F-89 Compact Signal Amplifier

Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster
1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Scan Rangefinding Array I

Small Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Anode Light Electron Particle Cannon I
Core Probe Launcher I

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

But while scanning wormholes I and not able to go beyond 30-40%.I have seen the scanning videos and dont think there is any problem there. [I can scan relic sites and other things in 0.7 systems though]

Can an alpha scan a wormhole on 0.5 or below systems? Can someone please give me a good fit here - my research in most skills(for alpha) is already done and am getting frustrated as not able to harvest gas.

Thank you.

Replace one of the Sensor Boosters with a Scan Pinpointing Array I. Use Sisters Scanning Probes. Train-up Astrometrics, Astrometric Rangefinding and Astrometric Pinpointing as high as you can.

What are your scanning skills like Grogan? An Imicus should have no problem scanning the sites you want.

@Dravick_Afterthought : The scan pinpointing array 1 is Omega only.

Astrometrics Acquisition: lvl2
Astrometrics : lvl3
Astrometrics Rangefinding : lvl2
Basically all these are maxed for Alpha

Saw a ninja mining guide for alphas - so should be possilble.

edit: got the SoE probes - scan reading slightly increased to 52ish - still cant get 100%

Okay, thanks.

When you say you can’t get 100% I assume you mean the Scan strength in the Probe Scanner mini-window. You don’t need 100% there it is just an indicator of relative scanning power. I have just checked and I get 98.6 as an Omega in a T1 scanning frigate, made up as follows

Base 40.0
Skills 50.0 (Astrometrics 5, Asro Aqn 3, Astro Range and Pinpointing 4)
Modules 19.56 (Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade 1’s)
Implants 0
Ship 37.5 - total bonus 146.6%

It was a while ago but I found scanning incredibly frustrating at first as I clearly wasn’t doing something right but after a frustrating time it became possible

I don’t think the problem is your ship, fit or skills just keep at it for a little more and check the basic scanning vidoes again

@Anastasia_Vemane Thanks a lot.
Still not able to scan wormholes - this time went to 67% and dropped to 0 - going thru the vids and the whole process from scratch.

Make sure you get Gallente Frigate IV for the hull bonus to scanning.

There is nothing that different about wormholes other than some sigs are not as strong, but an Imicus etc should be okay. Even an Alpha in a non-bonused Venture should be able to scan the safe gas sites.

make sure you can scan all the sigs in high sec first to ensure your method is correct

I remember how frustrating scanning was. Then I had a moment of light.
Firstly, I assume you’ve seen:

The way scanning works is each probe gets a directional bearing to the location of the anomalies. Now that’s a little errored based on your skills and the resolution of the probes. The location of the anomaly of interest is thus localised by where the bearings cross. The further from the probe the less accurate, the greater range the probe is working at the noisier it is and thus less accurate so you are progressively closing the target down.

So what you are trying to do is position the probes around the “rough area of the anomaly” but in such a way that the bearings are all nice and wide and you get a clean set of directions rather than having all the probes bunched. It’s like trying to use a compass and map to work out a location - you want bearings a good angle apart, ideally 90 degrees, rather than all very closely together when inaccuracies start to build up. But backwards (your probes are the landmarks taking bearings to the target and drawing them on the map - the target is where they cross).

It’s tempting to think it’s just about raw power of the probes and heavily overlapping the spheres (I did!!!), but this puts the probes in almost the same place and they all just report the target on almost the same bearing and you have no idea where it actually is. Swing some out to the side and you get a cross-bearing to the target. This is passive radio direction finding not Radar.

Drawing - imagine the antenna are probes looking for the anomaly that’s giving of a bit of signal. Imagine the uncertainty if the direction lines are fuzzy.

OK, explained really badly there - basically, don’t close the probes up so the spheres all overlap, move the probes around a bit so they get different angles on the likely target and you’ll hopefully have more luck.

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Scanning opens up so much of the game! Great you have discovered it early!

If you lose a signal, increase the size of the probe pattern and keep poking around with it until you get a better signal… It’s just how that goes. You will get much better at it.

That Imicus will not be able to harvest gas. You would need a gas harvester which goes in a turret slot. Also…Imicus is good for scanning and “exploration” (hacking relic and data sites) but not mining or gas harvesting.

Apologies, I should have checked :blush:

Thank you all! All the info was really helpful. Gotta try ,fail and learn…let`s c how far it goes!

One advantage of the Venture for this is that it has the equivalent of 2 Warp-core Stabilizers built-in so, provided you’re paying attention, you may well be able to warp away from an attacker before he can damage you enough to kill you - not guaranteed, but it’s saved my ass on more than one occasion.

Actually I am using imicus for scanning(might upgrade to astero) and venture for getting in/mining/running away. -:slight_smile:
Currently the question was regarding scanning part only. :dash:

are you sure you use alt /roll (and even ctrl//roll) to narrow the area covered by your probes?

I was commenting on the post above mine, about a Gas Harvester (which you can’t fit to an Imicus).

yes…I am now getting more success by moving around a bit and changing the angles.

no need to change the angles
you lauch your probes using the "pinpoint setting (bottom part of the probe scan window)
you double click on the sig to center it
you drag the cube onto the sig
you check that the cube is on the sig in BOTH DIMENSIONS (horizontal and vertical), using the arrows at the left part of the window
you start at 8 UA
you scan
you double click on the sig, you drag and drop the cube onto the sig, you zoom up a bit,
you use alt+ roll down to set the range at 4UA
you rinse and repeat until you get 100%

Sort of.
The first tries were also very frustrating to me. But after hundreds of times of scanning it works quite fluently. It’s training, skills and modules, I think.
Some further tips:

  • As mentioned above, Pinpoint setting is crucial.
  • 3D on a 2D Monitor only works if you apply different angles, so always check top and side view.
  • Normally, wh sites are easier to scan down than data/relic sites.
  • No object is more than 4 AU away from at least one celestial, so you can just center the 4AU Pinpoint on a planet to get good hints for all sigs in its vicinity.
  • If the result is a “bone” (two possible points connected with a line), take the point farther away from the center of your probe field.
  • If one signature bothers you for more than a minute, try other sigs instead and retry later.

Carry on trying, watch some footage, and you will be a scanning pro soon.

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