Whilst we are overhauling industry

This is a few ideas rolled into one post.

Multi-Build: We have the multi-buy/sell and the multi-fit tool to make buying and fitting a ship quick and easy. Can we get some kind of tool that links industry and fitting together such that i can open a fit, press a button and (provided i have the blueprints, materials and slots available) build multiple amounts of that fit?

So if i want 10 of the following Tristans it will make jobs for 10 DC’s, 10 Tristans, 30 Shield rigs, 50 Acolytes etc etc… (ignoring meta modules until we can make them too)

Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II

Medium Shield Extender II
Warp Disruptor II
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

Warrior II x3
Acolyte II x5

Hang on…but the run count for a T2 Acolyte BPC is 10! (see below)

Consuming multiple BPC’s in one job: The ability to consume multiple BPC’s of the same type in a single slot in order to extend the runs. Functionally this means the BPC’s are treated as a material where multiples (even from different ‘stacks’) can be consumed by a single job. As far as i’m aware this doesn’t mean major changes to material consumption of the jobs and it doesn’t mean you can produce anything quicker than you otherwise could (besides the clicking of starting more jobs). The only mechanical benefit is that it uses up fewer slots at the expense of increased time (a boost to non-alts!).


Multi-box…, Mullti-buy… Multi-fit… Multi-undock, … Multi-pass? Multi-win?

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These ideas only reduce the need to multi-box…

:cry: I fear that none of us will live to see that day.

Dumbing down the game masked under QoL changes?

How about NO!

What is dumbed down?

If it’s implementable easily I don’t see any reason against it.

It removes player agency. What makes you successful in industry is your spreadsheets. This simplifies lot of management of your production. Making difference between newbie and someone who put some effort thinner. In the end making margins smaller. Not to mention that it makes working with alts even easier.

No longer need to wake up with alarm to keep your production of t2 rigs rolling? Or no need to use decryptors for extra runs? Please don’t ruin one of very unique markets. There is only so few of them left.

In the end I feel like you just don’t want waste some time to manage your production. And with that laziness probably proposing big shakeup to whole economy.

I mean… I understand that industry (with reasonable profits) is probably hardest activity to get into. But it’s same like with PI. Easier you make it. Less profitable it gets and in the end even hard to get into. Maybe not due to mechanics but competition.

Kids these days just don’t respect their elders.

that you even described it as a waste of time doesn’t help your case

Assuming someone age from thin air isn’t a sign of respect. Maybe start looking at yourself then others?

I assumed how he see it. Some might see taking effort to accomplish something as waste of time. I prefer rewarding players that take effort. Rather than another hand holding feature for lazy.

In the end I see only counterarguments against “me”. Not my disapproval of idea. Smells fishy…

forcing busy work and rewarding effort aren’t the same thing

this still means things like spreadsheets and all the legwork are still required, all it actually changes is # of button presses and inventory clutter

Daichi is one of the longest lived posters on this forum. He usually only suggests the most conservative and cautious of changes.

Yet, by removing “busy work” we lost so may professions over the years. There thin line between QoL and making game “easier”.

While it seams like simple change that only reduces work with terrible UI and UX. I’m trying to look at it more broader(?). It lowers barier of entry and I’m concerned that side effect will be more people mindlessly pumping fits and flooding markets. Similar to “minerals I mine are free”. Because instead of logistic and thinking about what you need to produce. It will be only few clicks from importing a fit and putting it in oven.

I’m not particularly against idea itself. But concerned about side effects of change that will have minimal impact on players that already do industry as main activity. Especially when 99% of managing of production happens outside of the game.

Does that makes his ideas undiscussable? Ignoring personal opinions. There are some holes in idea. Rig production would be good starting point.

You were making an ad hominem attack in the passage I quoted, not discussing the idea itself.

Every time i see it…I must ask, How does one mine minerals in EvE?

This idea shouldn’t change anything between vets and noobs.

A vet still can do more jobs at once and still has a faster build time.

Yes i definitely see alarm clocking as a bad thing. Just like how it got removed for skill queues. And the worst thing about that was fewer login numbers.

With regards to decryptors, they will still extend your runs, meaning you wont have to do as much invention, just like now.

No. Decryptors actually have the included cost of time wasted. If you remove that cost factor from the game (which your idea is all about) Then you make T2 for small items a one-dimensional problem, therefore losing the room for heterogeneity of gameplays in industry.

It is a very shitty idea, aiming at dumbing down the industry because you can’t accept to have to make choices. Want to have longer manufacturing runs ? Use another decryptor.

And yes, I would greatly benefit from this. Still a stupid idea.

Multi build I don’t care because it’s not doable.

Spell it out for me like I’m 5.

This is not something a 5yo kid could understand. Because the notion of time for children is not the same.

If you connect once every week, then the time you actually need to build a T2 BPC is … 7D. So the building process takes 7D. So in that case, a BPC that makes 7 copies in an hour is wors than a BPC that makes 8 copies in 2D. That means that depending on your connection frequency, diffferent decryptors are optimal, and ISK/h based solely on the BPC is a stupid notion.

You want on the opposite that the isk/h to be based solely on the BPC, therefore making it a one-dimension problem. That is, dumbing down the industry.

Now anyone would benefit from being able to chain runs in order to decorrelate benefits from the actual connection frequency. Still it would dumb down the game. The important part of that multi dimension is that it teaches you to value your own time, so that people who are too stupid to value themselves get burnt down by HAVING TO connect frequently - because if they don’t connect fast enough, then their usage of decryptor was suboptimal and actually worse than the one of people who actually take the time to value it.

Basically you want to make the game more efficient for dumb people, and less efficient for people who actually take the time to consider all the variables. That is, dumbing down the system.